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I include Trendy Loot on my round-up of national daily deals, and back in August I asked if any of you had had any contact with the company because I knew little about the quality of the products being sold.

While I didn’t hear back from any of you, I was promptly contacted by the President of Trendy Loot, Liana. I will share with you verbatim what Liana told me about Trendy Loot:

We are not selling high end jewelry, as Trendy Loot is meant to be a fun site with great prices on fashion jewelry. While visiting some of the suppliers, we have actually run into buyers from major department stores. Our prices are so low because we mark up the items a lot less then what is standard in the fashion jewelry industry.

She then offered to ship me a piece from Trendy Loot so I could check it out and see that it was a high-quality piece of jewelry. She sent me this piece:

A very trendy necklace, unlike anything I would normally buy for myself. I normally shy away from pieces like the one above, so I’d never even checked to see how it looked. As you can tell by my very sad self-portrait below, I actually became quite smitten:

{Yes, this photo was taken with the photo booth on my Mac. Anyone interested in giving me tips on how to photograph myself? :) }

The necklace is super heavy-duty, and while I believe the price the necklace sold for on Trendy Loot was around $20, it doesn’t feel even remotely cheap. In fact, one of the aspects I’m most impressed with on the necklace is the super heavy-duty clasp… that necklace is not falling off my neck anytime soon, unlike the $12 beauty I recently purchased from Target. Plus, the necklace is just cute. When I wear jewelry I normally go for the subtle look, but I wore this necklace to work and received SO MANY compliments.

Having seen a piece of the jewelry you can purchase on Trendy Loot I definitely recommend checking this site out and saving a little bit of $$$ when buying fun jewelry pieces. The sales at Trendy Loot change sporadically – sales could last a a few days or a few hours – and shipping is a flat $2.85. You can earn credits by inviting your friends to join the site with you.

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  1. Megan
    October 22, 2010 at 12:48 pm (7 years ago)

    That necklace is to die for!