Etsy Monday: Yellow Heart Art

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Have you ever met a person and immediately thought, “oh my goodness, we must be friends!?” Well, that is exactly the feeling I got when I “met” Leonora, the creator behind Yellow Heart Art. She’s quirky, funny, and just plain awesome. If you don’t believe me, check her out on Twitter. I promise you she will make you smile.

Ok, enough talk. I will prove it to you in pictures! Check out her work. I may or may not have hearted every item in her shop. :)

Yellow Heart Art

Good Hair Days Print

If you all could see my hair you would realize why this motto means so much to me. Let’s just say the Maryland humidity and my curls don’t mesh well. Anyway, on the off chance that my hair does cooperate, I feel like a million bucks. And what better way of reaffirming that motto than to hang this lovely little number above your vanity, dresser, or mirror? Genius.

Yellow Heart Art

T-Rex Print

The first time I saw this print I giggled. It’s adorable. Plus, it’s so true. On my second date with my husband we were doing the normal date chatter- what’s your favorite color, what sports do you like, etc. I love a man with a sense of humor, so I asked, “what’s your favorite dinosaur?” Without missing a beat my husband responded ankylosaurusand went on a long explanation as to why. I knew then and there that I was going to marry him. So needless to say dinosaurs hold a special place in our hearts, so this print is now proudly hanging in my home.

Leonora doesn’t just make art to display in your home, she also makes art for yourself. Check out her necklaces. They are so cute!

Yellow Heart Art

Confetti Heart Necklace

Leonora was kind enough to answer some questions, enjoy!

1. What is your favorite item in your shop?

ha! I’m totally biased to “Your Boyfriend’s Shirt and Tie Necklace in Pink” because I am ALWAYS stealing my boyfriends clothes, so the idea of “girl-ing up” this concept and making it so you can look cute wearing your boyfriends clothes was something I was diggin’.

2. What was the very first piece you ever created?

OOOOO I think it was my “Ciao, Mi Amor” hot air balloon print that is actually no longer for sale in my shop, but here is a link to my sold orders for you to check it out

3. What is your biggest piece of advice to someone who wants to start an Etsy shop?

STAY POSITIVE! Do not get hung up on sales and stalking other successful etsy designers and looking at their “sales” and “see who hearts them”. They have probably been doing this for at least 6 months to a few years. You will get there one day! If you get so consumed with counting your sales and you don’t do it just for fun anymore then you’re going to get burnt out real quick. Create treasuries! They might make the front page and even if your items are NOT in the treasury Etsy will always mention who made the treasury so people can check out your shop. I also recommend doing giveaways on popular blogs to get some traffic to your shop (and people LOVE free swag hehe)

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

from my inner kid haha! Life is too short to be an adult 😉 gotta have FUN

5. What is your favorite color?

I am completely and totally in love with YELLAH! (I tend to add “AHs” where my “ERs” should go, you’ll get used to it)

She’s precious right?! I hope you love Leonora as much as I do! Happy shopping!

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