Being an American Express Card Holder Has Its Perks at the Ryder Cup

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Ryder Cup ticket

(photo via Factio Magzine)


Yesterday I had the opportunity, thanks to Glam Media and American Express, to attend a preview day of the Ryder Cup. I was joined by a few of my fellow Glam bloggers, Patrice from Afrobella, Melissa from Factio Magazine, Gigi from The Awesomer, and Sarah from SkinnyRunner.

Leading up to the event I didn’t have a clue what to expect, either in terms of golf, the Medinah Country Club, or what American Express had planned for us. I needn’t have worried. If I – a non-golfer – can have a fantastic time, then true golf lovers (especially those who double as American Express card holders) are going to have an absolutely amazing experience this weekend at the Ryder Cup!

Ryder Cup Team USA

Go Team USA!

When we first arrived at the Medinah Country Club we were taken to the PGA Learning Center, which is presented by American Express. I know any of you with tickets to the Ryder Cup are likely most interested in what’s happening on the course, but if you get a chance be sure to stop by this area!

Inside you’ll find a practice putting green.

You can get your swing analyzed by a professional, as Afrobella is doing above.

Phil Mickelson personal trainer

You’ll find Sean Cochran inside the PGA Learning Center. He is Phil Mickelson’s personal golf fitness trainer! (This meeting makes me officially one degree of separation from Phil…)

Sean Cochran is stationed in the PGA Learning Center helping people determine what areas of their fitness they need to improve in order to become better golfers. He said that in most instances men need to work on their flexibility, while women need to work on their strength. Gigi and Sarah are going through some flexibility testing above.

American Express CourseCast

Above is the American Express CourseCast, which is amazing! It’s a little TV American Express card holders can rent free of charge for the day so that they can keep up with everything else that’s happening at the Ryder Cup! While there are a lot of perks to being an American Express card holder who is attending the Ryder Cup, I think the American Express CourseCast is one of the best.

Directly across from the PGA Learning Center you’ll find the Golf Shop. At the end of the day the store was PACKED!

Here’s another fab tip for American Express card holders attending the Ryder Cup. When you sync your card with Facebook, foursquare, or Twitter you will receive a $10 statement credit when you spend $30 or more at the golf shop!

Before we left we of course had to get a photo on the putting green!

After the PGA Learning Center we went to the American Express Hospitality Chalet for lunch. We were treated to a delicious lunch, and two open bars. One of the bars served adult beverages and the other served ice cream. I stuck with the latter. I can go without an alcoholic beverage but I NEVER pass up free ice cream. :) The chalet has tons of seating, it’s comfortable and cool, and leads out to this view of the 15th hole:

Ryder Cup - Medinah Country Club

Pretty amazing, right?

There’s no denying that being an American Express card member comes with many perks! While I’m not sure I’ll be picking up a golf club anytime soon, I loved getting a peek behind the scenes at the Ryder Cup and being treated like a VIP thanks to American Express!

Lisa Koivu Ryder Cup


Update on my outfit: Last week I wrote about what to wear to the Ryder Cup, and shared my planned outfit. Unfortunately the Talbot’s blazer didn’t arrive in time so I was scrambling the night before trying to figure out how to complete my outfit. I headed downtown to Eloquii where I picked up the Long Sweater Vest, which ended up being the perfect item. It provided some warmth but it wasn’t too heavy. It’s my new favorite item for fall!

If you’re looking for more ideas on what to wear to the Ryder Cup, I’d say 80% of the crowd was wearing khakis and a polo shirt. When in doubt, this is about as easy as it gets! (It’s not what I’d normally recommend, but if ever there was an occasion to wear a pair of khakis and a polo shirt the Ryder Cup is certainly it!) Another theme I noticed was people dressing in red, white, and blue to show their support for the U.S.A. Comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must – almost everyone was wearing sneakers and boat shoes. Wear layers. It got quite chilly in the shade and then quite warm in the sun. It seemed like we were going through constant 10 degree temperature shifts based on how much sun was directly overhead. It’s supposed to be sunny in Chicago this weekend, so be sure you pack your sunglasses and some sunscreen!

Thanks to Glam and American Express for this fab opportunity!

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