Finally: How to Get Fantabulously Frugal Posts in Your Facebook Feed (For Now)

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Facebook fix

I’m still angry at Facebook for their recent tomfoolery when it comes to Facebook Pages, but George Takei recently clued me in to a new fix that doesn’t involve creating an interest list.

As a recap, Facebook now thinks it’s cool to ask page owners to pay so that people who have already liked the page can see updates. As a non-wealthy person I think this is completely asinine. Facebook just updated things a bit, which should make it easier for fans of pages to see updates.

Head on over to any page that you like seeing posts from, such as the Fantabulously Frugal Facebook page. Hover your mouse over the “Like” button and a screen will appear that includes a few options. Click on the new “Get Notifications” button and posts should again appear in your newsfeed. At least for the next couple of weeks.

More info about the recent changes at Facebook, via Inside Facebook.


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