10 Creative Wedding Program Ideas

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I went in for a hair cut a couple of weeks ago. My stylist is in the middle of planning her wedding, so we spent most of my appointment time talking about that. While she said that she had gotten most things done well ahead of time, the one thing that had her stuck was the wedding program. She didn’t have a clue what type of wedding program style she wanted to have, or even if she needed a wedding program at all.

I thought that designing the program for my own wedding was one of the best parts of the wedding planning process, and of course I was inspired by many of the wedding program ideas I found on Pinterest.

For any of you currently planning your own weddings and looking for program ideas, here are 10 creative wedding program ideas that will not only be informative for your guests, but likely bring a huge smile to their faces!


via DIY Weddings Magazine

I love the graphics included on this creative silhouette wedding program! Whenever I’m at a wedding I definitely spend time trying to figure out which attendant is which and this makes it that much easier. The “fun facts” is also a nice touch.

Lunch Sack Wedding Program via For Prit Only

via For Print Only

This incredibly original wedding program is filled with pom-poms to be used to shower the bride and groom.

Creative wedding program via I Rock So What

via I Rock So What

There is a whole lot going on in this awesome wedding program, but I love how it gets all of the information you could possibly ever need and more. (I also love that this bride and groom laid out quilts in case anyone wanted to enjoy the wedding dinner in “picnic style.”

Cootie Catcher Wedding Program via Etsy

via Gingham Grins

I’m guessing a cootie catcher wedding program isn’t on tap for all brides and grooms, but this is a great option if you want to give your guests a fun way to entertain themselves before the ceremony starts.

Fun wedding program

via The McBaileys

I am a big fan of the bride and groom inserting hints of themselves into the wedding as much as possible, as opposed to going super formal just for the sake of formality. Reading the line in the wedding program above that begins “You will hear songs chosen by…” totally brought a smile to my face because this is something I would have said.

Icon Friendly Wedding Program via The Frosted Petticoat

via The Frosted Pettycoat

This wedding program is short, sweet, and well-designed.

Confetti Wedding Program

via Intimate Weddings

If you’d like your guests to shower you with confetti after the ceremony (or at the end of the night), incorporating the confetti into your wedding program is a great idea!

Photo Wedding Program

via Glamour & Grace

I really love how this wedding program includes photos of the bride and the groom. It’s definitely not a traditional style, but depending on the vibe you’re going for it could be great.

Popcorn Holder Wedding Program via Style Me Pretty

via Style Me Pretty

This popcorn holder wedding program is fun, informative, and functional. A perfect trifecta! Not only could you give your guests some fun things to read, but they’ll get a snack, too! Win-Win.

Wedding Program Crossword

via Cassidy Dawn Photography

Another practical yet fun wedding program! I love that there’s a crossword puzzle on the back of this wedding program (and also that they thought to attach a pencil to the fan). A wedding program fan is perfect for any outdoor summer wedding.

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