Travel Week: BellaVita iPhone Wallet

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Travel Week: BellaVita iPhone Wallet

There’s only one thing worse than the security line at the airport and that’s the customs line at the airport. I am not particularly good at being patient and waiting my turn, so these lines tend to drive me a little crazy. That said, I’m also somewhat neurotic about airport etiquette and not taking up more than my fair share of time when I’m actually at the front of the line. I need to access my ID and my boarding pass quickly, and that’s where the BellaVita iPhone Wallet ($65) comes in handy. I call it a travel wallet because I don’t think it’s ideal for everyday use necessarily, but when you’re on the road and regularly traveling through airports nothing tops it.

The number one reason I like this wallet is because it provides easy access to your ID and a digital boarding pass. You don’t have to deal with the paper boarding pass, or digging your ID out of another wallet – the two main items you need to make it through security at the airport are side by side for super easy access.

BellaVita iPhone Case

My husband and I made a pact this year that we would only fly American Airlines as we each try to save enough miles so that we can both travel to next year’s vacation destination for free. The American Airlines App helps make travel a breeze as you can check-in for flights, view your boarding pass, check flight status, book flights and check your mileage all with the press of a button. Digital boarding passes are the best thing ever because if you’re not checking any luggage you can skip all the lines and just head right for security!

BellaVita iPhone Wallet

As for the aesthetics and functionality of the case itself, the BellaVita iPhone Wallet is made of a gorgeous pebbled leather, which is what caught my eye immediately. My wallet is deep purple, though it definitely looks more like a raspberry, depending on the light. It securely holds my iPhone in place and provides very little room for the iPhone to move, although it does provide access to all of the necessary buttons and slots.

BellaVita iPhone Wallet

The tab holding the iPhone in the case from the left lifts up for easy retrieval of the phone. There is no screen cover over the phone. There is one credit card slot in addition to the ID slot, which makes this perfect for sight seeing or a night on the town when you don’t want to carry a big bulky purse or need a bunch of different items.

While I think this iPhone Travel Wallet is perfect for getting through airports and nights out and sightseeing excursions, I don’t think it is ideal for everyday use. It is clumsy to keep removing the phone from the case when you need to make a phone call, and even clumsier to hold the entire case up to your face. Also, the strap tends to get in the way when using the camera, so when I was snapping quite a few I found myself removing the phone from the case.

Though my BellaVita iPhone Wallet has gone on quite a few trips with me, I told you all last month that I switched to a Windows Phone. Unfortunately BellaVita doesn’t offer a similar case for other phones, so here’s hoping they increase their product line to include the Windows Phone in the near future!

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Do you have a special travel wallet? Are you more patient than I am when you’re standing in the security or customs line?

Disclosure: This wallet was provided for me to review, however, all opinions expressed above are my own.

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