Get a Discounted Hazel Lane Box via Gilt City

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Hazel Lane Discount

Hazel Lane is a subscription box that I’m curious to try but I haven’t yet taken the plunge because the cost is pretty high. The concept of the box is that they pick a new destination within the U.S. each month and send items that represent and can be found in that city or region. (Past boxes have included Brooklyn and Napa, and their next box will focus on Charleston.) They have a few different price levels that appear to be based on how many items you’d like to receive in your box. At the lowest level the “Classic” box costs $46.99 per month and highest echelon the “G5” box costs $179.99. In between those two are the “Deluxe” at $69.99 and the “Uber Deluxe” at $114.99.

Classic boxes contain 4-5 items, deluxe boxes contain 5-6 items, and the G5 boxes contain 5-7 items.

If you’ve been curious about Hazel Lane but have also been deterred by their prices, Gilt City is offering a couple of Hazel Lane box options for less.

  • Get a Brooklyn or Wine + Gold Country Deluxe Box for $45 (normally $69.99)
  • Get a Brooklyn or Wine + Gold Country Uber Deluxe box for $79 (normally $114.99)
  • Get a Brooklyn or Wine + Gold Country G5 box for $125 (normally $180)
  • Get 3 months of the Deluxe City Box for $145 (normally $209.97)

I am really tempted to pick up a Deluxe Box because I’ve been so curious about whether the contents could possibly live up to the high price tags. (There’s no way I’d ever get a G5 box though… my last flight to NYC cost $200 so I can’t imagine ever paying nearly that same amount for a box filled with 5-7 items!)

Click here to check out the Hazel Lane Deal at Gilt City!

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