Club W: 50% Off Your First Wine Club Order (Within 24 hours of signup)

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I suppose you could say that Club W is a wine subscription, in that they send you wine that is personally tailored to your preferences, for $13 per bottle. Shipped in packages of 3, you’ll pay $39 + $6 shipping for 3 bottles of wine, which breaks down to just $15 per bottle… not a bad price any way you look at it! The wine that Club W sends isn’t necessarily cheap wine, either. We’re not talking about two buck chuck. Instead, Club W works directly with the wineries to lock down special pricing.

According to their website:

Club W works directly with wine makers. There are no middlemen, which means you get better wine for less. Shipping directly to you also means we can invest in smaller, more unique lots. We’re not subject to volume quotas and don’t have expensive brand marketing campaigns to support.

Getting started with Club W is easy. When you register for the site you will take a brief survey that asks palette questions such as how do you like your coffee and whether or not you like salty or citrusy foods. Based on your responses, Club W asks how many bottles of red and white wine you’d like to receive in a month and provides recommendations that they think you’ll enjoy. Ultimately, you choose each bottle that you receive.

Club W

I took the survey and I have to say that it seems pretty accurate as I do prefer rosé and riesling above all other wine! (Yes, I prefer my wine to taste as close to kool-aid as possible!) As you can see, the one bottle of 2012 Porter and Plot Pinot Noir costs $16, so this box would cost an additional $3. I should note that there were quite a few recommendations presented to me and this is just a small sampling!

Interested in checking out Club W? Right now when you take the survey and register for the club you will receive $13 off your first order (which is the equivalent of getting a “bottle on the house” of one of their Featured Wines, which are all offered at $13/bottle). If you order within the first 24 hours of visiting the website, you will receive an additional $7 off the order price (for a total of $20 off), which is the equivalent of 50% off your first order (avg order size is $39). The $13 coupon will be tied to your email address and you can take advantage of that offer at any time.

With the $20 discount you would be able to get 3 bottles of wine for $26, or $8.66 per bottle! That’s a heck of a deal, especially with the holidays around the corner when you might want to have extra wine on hand for get-togethers.

Note: You can skip a shipment and/or cancel at any time. Due to liquor laws, wine cannot be shipped to: AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MA, MS, OK, PA, RI, SD and UT.

Click here to check out Club W!

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