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Beauty Reviewed: Boscia Luminizing Black Mask


Well, this review turned out to be approximately 4 minutes longer than I think it probably should be.  When I watched it after recording it, it was so incredibly long that I sped up the section where I take the mask off to avoid you hearing me remind you 80 more times to make sure you apply it in a thick layer.  Feel free to enjoy cartoon-speed Shaina!

In short:  the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask kicks some serious skin booty.  Yes, it’s kinda painful and difficult to peel off.  Yes, it can rip your hair out by the roots.  But you know what else?  It unclogs all sorts of nasties from your skin.  And that, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing.

You can find the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask at Sephora for $34.

Shaina’s Francesca’s Collections Review and Vlog


As y’all probably know from the other gals’ reviews, Francesca’s Collections was sweet enough to send us some truly fantabulous stuff to review for our great readers.  I couldn’t be happier with the items I received – COMPLETELY in love.

In the video, I reviewed the following items:

Poet Laureate Necklace in Purple – $24.00 – Unfortunately, this necklace does not appear to be available online anymore.  I absolutely ADORE this statement necklace as I stated in my video review – I think it’s a great quality necklace, hefty without being bulky, and it really adds a great pop to any understated outfit.  I especially like to wear this with a black v-neck t-shirt and get tons of compliments!

According Skirt in Green – $36.00 – This beautiful skirt is luckily still available online – and thank goodness for that, because trust me, you want this.  This is a great, easy-to-wear, easy-to-accessorize skirt.  As I state in the video, I just wore this with a black sweater, black leggings and cute flats to my office holiday party, and it looked so great!  I got lots of compliments about this, too.  The only downside is that it’s a hand-wash or dry-clean only clothing item.  I have a bad habit of purchasing hand-wash and/or dry-clean only items and then I wear them and put them in a bag to deal with them later.  I have a lot of things in that bag right now.  *sigh*

Changing Lanes Tee – $28.00 – It looks like this tee is also sold out on the website, so you’ll have to watch my review to see what it looks like!  This is a great tee that looks fab with jeans or dressed up for work.  Once again, it’s a hand-wash or dry-clean shirt (whoops), which is kind of a bummer, but I like it so much that I’ll put up with the washing restrictions!

Now, here’s the best part – from now through December 31st, use code FAB online to receive 30% off a single regularly-priced item!  Please note that this is an online-only promotion, and we’re somehow getting close to the end of the year (shocking, isn’t it?!) so make sure you go to Francesca’s Collections right now and start shopping!

THE HELP Now Available On DVD

Have you seen our Holiday Gift Guide? One of the items on the list was The Help DVD. It was available for pre-order when we posted the gift guide, but now it’s available on for only $16.99.

This was seriously one of my favorite movies of the year. I watched it on a plane and I was laughing and crying. To myself. Great gift for your mom, sister and/or aunt!

Laura’s Francesca’s Collections Review and Vlog


Francesca’s Collections was nice enough to provide us ladies of Fantabulously Frugal a few items to review. As someone who can’t have enough clothes, I decided to go with a sweater and a flowy shirt.  While I’m not usually drawn to accessories, I picked out a watch as well.  Figured might as well start my collection!

In the video above I review the following items:

Swirling Vines Top – $38 – There’s nothing I like more than flowy shirts over jeans or jeggings, which was why I was drawn to the Swirling Vines top.  I was impressed with the detail and quality of the top – it felt like something I could easily see at a Banana Republic. I loved the color too – the fuchsia – intertwined with the grey, as well as the flower detail on the buttons.  You might not be able to tell from the video but this top is sheer, so you’ll need to wear a tank top underneath.

Glistening Sweater –  $38 – I really liked the Glistening Sweater, just because it’s comfy and casual for the weekend,  but the gold stripes dress it up.  I also loved the button work on the sleeves – the cute gold buttons really pop! This sweater is a little bit shorter than what I normally wear and comes to the top of my low rise pants.  To make it more work appropriate, I’ve paired a tank top underneath it, just so my office doesn’t end up accidentally seeing my stomach.

Spare Time Leather Watch – $3o – While I’m not one to purchase accessories, when I do purchase something, I like it to look a little bit different.  That’s the case with this watch.  It’s a really long bracelet, that you wrap around your wrist a few times to become a watch.  With the gems and gold bedazzles on the leather strap, you definitely wouldn’t think this is a watch, but more of a fun bracelet. I have really tiny wrists too and usually have a problem with watches being too big.  There’s three snaps to close the watch, and I’ve been able to wear it by snapping one button together to make it as tight as possible.  Readers with little wrists who struggle to find a watch – this will work for you!


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