H&M Sustainable Style Collection: Inexpensive & Beautiful Clothes Made From Organic and Recycled Materials

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H&M Recycled fabric dress

Oh, H&M, how I love thee.  Up to a point.  I DON’T love the fact that H&M still doesn’t have an online store.  Hello, 21st century?!

Since the shopping deals that can be found on the internetz are oh-so-good I hardly ever wander out on the streets at this point, which means the last time I stepped foot into an H&M was early 2010.

I might have to make another trip out though because H&M just released a line of clothes made from organic and recycled materials.  The Recycled Fabric Dress you see above is from this line and costs just $19.95.  This dress is the most brilliant shade of yellow ever and would be perfect as we inch closer to Spring.

Click here to check out the rest of H&M’s new Sustainable Style Collection.

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