Etsy Monday: Spa Therapy Works

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With product names such as “Death by Chocolate”, “Banana Daiquiri”, and “Pink Cupcake” I just had to stop and check this shop out! Don’t these names make you drool? Yum. With that being said, please allow me to introduce you to this week’s featured Etsy shop, Spa Therapy Works. The shop’s owner, Jussara, makes natural, detergent and chemical free bath and body products. She had me at natural. 🙂

I usually have one heck of a time with oily exfoliants. Nine times out of ten I drop either the jar, the lid, or the bottom of my shower gets slippery. I’m a klutz, so oil and water are a bad combination for me. The fact that this product is oil free makes it even more appealing in my eyes!

Spa Therapy

Death by Chocolate Scrub

Jussara lists all the ingredients under the product description, so if you have any allergies or concerns, be sure to check them out. Also, she makes note, that an oil-free scrub is great for a pre-treatment before spray tanning. Who knew!

Now men, no need to sweat! Spa Therapy Works has products for you as well.


Vegan Deodorant for Men

This deodorant adds a masculine scent with hints of leather, musk, and sandlewood. It is also paraben-free and alcohol-free, so it is completely safe and natural. Plus, being vegan, it is made with no animal by products!

I have a confession to make. I’ve never tried a facial mask. However, after reading Jussara’s product description, I may have to give one a go. Spa Therapy offers three masks in a sample kit, so you can mix and match and try to discover your favorite. There are options it seems for every skin need: hydration, oil-control, rejuvenation, invigoration or radiance. These masks are a mix of coconut and clay bases and there are six options to choose from, such as: Chocolat Noir, Pink Papaya, Tropical Energizer, Antioxidant Green Tea and Guava, Sea Clay Detox, and Deep Moisture. The descriptions of each are listed here.

Spa Therapy

Mask Therapy Sample Pack

And for $6.50 for a three pack I honestly don’t think you can go wrong. Especially someone like myself who wouldn’t even know where to begin with a mask. Not too shabby.

Jussara was kind enough to answer some questions! Oh, and be sure to enter the code SPRING11 for 10% off. And, make sure you read the shop announcements. If you spend $25 or more you get a free vegan lip balm of your choice.


1. What is your favorite product in your collection?

Oh, this is a hard one, but I will say the body butter. It is so decadent, and I love how it melts in contact with the skin and sinks in so quickly with no oily feeling left behind.

2. How did you come up with the idea to start SpaTherapy?

I always wanted to have my own business, and 4 years ago I saw an opportunity to turn my passion for handmade skin care into a real business and I jumped on the chance.

3. Do you take custom orders?

I do.

4. What makes your products stand out from others out there on the market?

The fact that not only they’re made with high-quality ingredients, but they also exude luxury and pampering is probably what makes my line special. The scents I pick for my products are also very captivating and delicious. They’re skin-loving products that smell like treats for your skin.

5. What is the easiest ingredient to work with? The hardest?

Sugar – my favorite to use in scrubs and soaps. No need to melt, check its temperature and when I run out of it, no need to order from a supplier!

Lye – is a dangerous but necessary ingredient to make soap. Since I have a little one always on my feet, I need to make sure that she’s never around when I make soap, and I have to take a bunch of safety precautions myself when working with it.

Thanks Jussara!

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