Coveting: The iPhone

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I know what you’re thinking … really?  The iPhone?  You don’t have one yet?  Okay, maybe you’re not thinking that, but that basically describes my inner monologue daily.  I have lusted after an iPhone ever since they came out.  I had a Blackberry awhile ago, but got rid of it and now I just have – gasp – a regular old flip phone.  I know. It doesn’t even have any cool features.  It’s literally … just a phone.  And I’m over it.  My husband just received an iPod Touch from my parents as a birthday gift, and the iPhone bug has been reawakened inside me.  I WANT ONE.  And I want it now.  I went into Verizon to get one … but was told that I can’t get it for a good deal until October (unless I wanted to pay $700 for it … and that’s just insane).  So, alas, until October, I will covet an iPhone.  Le sigh.

To Purchase:  Apple; Cost:  From $199

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