Guest Post: Tips for Successful Thrift Shopping, Part I

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Hey everyone! Megan and Nora here from two birds. We are so happy to be guest posting on this wonderful site! After all, we were born to a fantabulously frugal mother, and she has taught us well. We thought we’d talk a little about a passion of ours, thrifting.

You see, we grew up with five sisters (oh, did we mention that we are sisters?) It’s hard to imagine how much it would cost to dress five girls, especially when they hit the teenage, brand-conscious years. In our day, we had to have Guess jeans, Esprit bags and Obsession perfume. Had to. Our mom tried to fool us, she bought Palmetto jeans, Target bags, and well, she never bought us perfume, but you get the idea. We were not fooled. So she did what she knew best…thrifted. And we were so embarrassed. Hand-me- downs? No way. What if these jeans used to belong to someone I go to school with? How embarrassing (gag me with a spoon!) But years and years of thrifting and garage saling has finally impacted us in a positive way. So much so, that we both think $10 is too much to pay for any one item. Yep, $10. Crazy, huh? We have even opened up a little pop-up vintage shop that makes its way to the Twin Cities every couple of months! And you won’t find much over $20 at our shop! We like to pass on a great deal.

Now, we are no experts in thrifting…there was no degree in it when we went to college. However, if frequenting thrift stores (and by frequenting, we mean three times a week…yep, {at least} three times a week) makes us experts, than maybe we are. All we know is that we love thrifting, we love garage saling, and we get super deals. So, we thought we’d pass on a few of our tips and tricks about thrifting. Because, true story, you can find great deals at thrift stores. We have found the likes of Prada, BCBG, J Crew, Anthropologie…you name it, at thrift stores. For reals. We don’t joke about this kind of stuff.

1. Go often.
Get to know each store. We have favorites that we like to go to. Thrifting can oftentimes be very overwhelming. Stores are big, not always organized, and have loads and loads of stuff. If you go often and continue to go to the same stores, you will learn where you want to be in each store. Plus they get new stuff every day (every day!), so if you go often, you will most likely find oodles of great stuff.

Whole outfit ~ $30

2. Sign up for email notifications.
Thrift stores are always having sales and deals. If you sign up for emails, you will know about all the sales. When they do have sales, get there early! Grab a cart…you will need one.

Whole Outfit ~ $33

3. If you see something you like, grab it.
Right now. Don’t think about it while you shop. You can always put it back later, but chances are, if you think something is cute, so will someone else.

Whole Outfit ~ $7

4. If you see something that you really like, buy it.
If you’re like us and regret things you didn’t get, buy it. This isn’t a place that has mass-produced items. You can’t go back tomorrow and buy it. Well, maybe you can. But do you really want to take that chance??? *note…on the other hand, don’t buy something just because it’s cheap. Make sure you really want it. You know what we’re talking about….right? right? A sweater has been known to be cuter once it’s on the sale rack!*

Whole Outfit ~ $18

5. If you don’t like digging through items, or if you don’t have a lot of time, scan.
This is what we do when we only have a few minutes to shop…we walk up and down the aisles, looking at the patterns and textures of the clothes. We know what we like and don’t like, and if we see a pattern or texture that we love, then we can stop and inspect the item to see if we want it or not.

Whole Outfit ~ $20

Come back Thursday when Megan and Nora will share the rest of their fab thrifting tips! {P.S. Don’t you kind of wish you could hire them to be your stylist? I am positively loving their style!}

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