Fab Gift Idea: H.Bloom Flower Subscription

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H.Bloom is a local flower delivery service with bases in Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC. Don’t worry – more markets are coming soon! Last night I had the opportunity to stop by their offices to learn how to make flower arrangements, which is something that has always interested me. I certainly have no green thumb – probably because I’m repulsed by the idea of dirt … which means I’ve never so much as pursued growing anything – so getting the opportunity to learn how to arrange flowers without playing in dirt sounded phenomenal. Plus, I have a vested interest right now because I’d like to make my own wedding bouquet next summer!

The first thing we worked on was pretty basic – arranging 3 amaryllis stems in a vase with some windy sticks. {There’s probably a more technical term for windy sticks, eh?} The result was something that was both pretty and VERY easy to do. OK, basically we just stuck both the flowers and the sticks in a tall vase, but we did have some say in how short/tall to cut the amaryllis, and I also learned that you should put a long stick up the stalk of the amaryllis to give it support. I also learned that the flower we were using was an amaryllis. {See? I know nothing.}

Next, we turned this:

into this:

Gorgeous, right? I should have taken notes on the types of flowers we used. Of course I know the yellow roses, but I’m clueless beyond that point.  Kyle, our incredible teacher, said that you can have fun designing flowers and putting them into any arrangement you want. Some arrangements will look more modern or more classic on whichever design you choose. Basically, there is NO wrong design. In this arrangement, we specifically used the larger flowers and leaves to frame the roses.

Finally, Kyle taught us how to make a super chic and super affordable centerpiece using items we may have lying around our homes – or could easily pick up at the dollar store. One of the neatest tips, I thought, was his recommendation to use a white feather boa to replicate snow on the table. He used it to half fill a vase, and then he also used some of the boa to encircle the candle. It really made an impact and is something I never would have thought of doing on my own.

I walked out of the event with two gorgeous flower arrangements, as well as some invaluable tips on decorating a table for the holidays. {Now I just need to host a party!}

I also have  a new-found appreciation for flowers, and for H.Bloom. I was so excited about the event that I emailed my fiance this morning with two additions to my Christmas list:

  1. A new iPhone that has a flash – I’m still using the iPhone 2, and my iPhone photos above are just sad. Plus, I think we’re due for a free {?} upgrade.
  2. A monthly subscription to H.Bloom. After just 2 hours they made me want to try my hand at designing my own arrangements again.

H.Bloom offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly flower delivery subscriptions that start at just $29.99. Delivery is free.

$29.99 to get some sunshine in the house by way of fresh flowers once a month really isn’t much at all. Gift subscriptions are available, and when you subscribe you’ll get your first flower delivery 100% free! I can see these being a fantabulous gift idea for your wife, your best friend, your boss, your hard-to-shop-for aunt, or anyone at all that enjoys fresh flowers. It’s one of those rare gifts that they’ll get to enjoy for an extended period of time, which is awesome.

The only downside to H.Bloom is the limitation in cities at this point, but they’re busy expanding so look for them in your ‘hood soon.

Click here to check out H.Bloom now!!!

Thanks to H.Bloom for a great evening learning about flowers and decorating!

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