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Frownies Gentle Lifts Lip Line Treatment

What are Frownies you ask? Well, believe me, I asked the same thing! Frownies basically work as a “splint” for your lines and wrinkles. Interesting, right?! See a how-to here. ”Frownies are the alternative to fillers, and chemical injectable products, developed Gentle Lifts to fit comfortably around the lip area.”

I despise needles, so anything that can make my wrinkles go away with me injecting myself is a ok in my book! Also, I love the fact that these products aren’t tested on animals and contain no parabens, polysorbate, or fragrances. You all know I love me some chemical free products!

I used the Frownies Gentle Lifts and placed them like so:

I had to go on the website and figure out the placements, as these little suckers are tiny! The directions basically say “peel adhesive back and apply.” I hadn’t a clue where to begin. Like, where do I stick them? Is there a method? Apparently I overanalyzed. Just stick them wherever you need them. Simple enough.

Before placing the strips on, be sure to smooth out the wrinkles. Here’s where I did a little test. I followed the directions for one side of my face and not the other. I smoothed the right side, placed them along my marrionette lines and then just stuck them on the left.

Word to the wise, make sure you wet them prior to peeling them off. Otherwise it feels like ripping off a band-aid, which I HATE. But I digress…I only tried these strips for one night, as they recommend you wear them for at least 3 hours. I totally noticed a difference this morning! And, of course, now I look crazy, as I only did one side of my face. Woops.

It’s not a 100% improvement, but granted, I’ve only worn them for one night. I’m going to continue to wear them, especially on my forehead for a week and report back to you all with a full Frownies review! So far, so good.

Frownies for lip lines cost $24.97 for an 8 to 16 week supply.

Have you ever tried Frownies? If so, what do you think?

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