My CakeStyle Review Part 3!

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After receiving over $3,000 of merchandise and a budget of only $300, I knew I had my work cut out for me. A couple things I was able to rule out right away – both the jacket and the blazer were ill-fitting on me and were immediate negatives. Both pairs of jeans didn’t fit properly. Most of the accessories I liked, but I wasn’t willing to use up a majority of my budget on bracelets and earrings. I already have a couple pairs of Spanx, so I was able to rule those out completely, too.

Of everything I received, I really loved the Milly Belted Joanne Dress ($425), Shoshanna Tweed Pocket Skirt ($295), Beth Bowley Applique Dress ($264), Beth Bowley Burnout Dress ($276), Shoshanna Delilah Dress ($340), Marlyn Schiff Teardrop Earrings ($30) and the Cara Multi Chain Silver Rhinestone Necklace ($78). That took me over $1,700, which I knew was impossible. Thankfully, I was picky with a few of the pieces – the burnout dress was slightly too tight on my hips, the applique dress was a little too short and I have something very similar to the rhinestone necklace.

My final purchases were the Shoshanna Delilah Dress ($340) and the Marlyn Schiff Teardrop Earrings ($30).

I really love the two things I kept, with my final puchase totaling $370. From this whole experience, the most important thing I learned was finding three new brands I love. I now know to keep my eye out for Milly, Beth Bowley and Shoshanna – three labels that weren’t on my radar prior to this experience. Since the styling itself is free, and you’re under no obligation to keep anything you recieve in your box, I’d recommend everyone trying CakeStyle! At the very least, you can get a better idea of things you do and don’t like without the time and energy wasted in a huge department store. Just be careful if you have a hard time saying no, because if the blue Milly dress fit me better, I definitely would have splurged on that, too!

Would you try a styling service like CakeStyle? Did you like the pieces Kait picked out for me?

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