Beauty Reviewed: Revlon Nail Enamel Minted

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Mint green is one of those colors that I have become obsessed with. So much so that I was on the hunt for the perfect mint green nail polish. Once I saw Revlon Nail Enamel Minted, I knew my mint green hunt was over!

Upon first glance, Revlon Nail Enamel Minted seemed like the perfect polish. That was, of course, until I put it on. :( I’ve never tried a nail polish from Revlon before, so I’m not sure if all the polishes are like this, but this one was super runny. I couldn’t get an even coat. Now, I normally wear two coats of any polish, but the first coat just seemed off. I honestly debated wiping it off and trying again, but opted to see how it dried.

The first coat dried bubbly and streaky. I applied another coat and had better results. It was still really runny, so I had to apply it really thick. Applying it really thick meant it took forever to dry. Taking forever to dry meant I got annoyed. I’m not saying that my nails should dry within 5 minutes (how awesome would that be?!), but when I can’t move or even scratch my arm for a good 20 minutes, I get antsy.

I also noticed that two days later I had chips. I’m not the most gentle person when it comes to my nails, but it usually takes me a good three to four days before there are signs of wear and tear. Not this time. Again, this could be due to how much I put on, but still.

Revlon Nail Enamel Minted cost me $4.99, so I honestly felt like I couldn’t complain too much. Had it cost me around $8 or $9, then I would have been salty. I’m still on the hunt for a fabulous mint green polish! Any suggestions?

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