The GOOP Edit: Get the GOOP Net-a-Porter Looks for Less

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The GOOP Edit - How to get Gwyneth Paltrow's spring looks for less


According to the latest post from GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog and website, Gwyneth’s fashion edit of the NET-A-PORTER website is back “by popular demand.” Were you to pick up all of her fashion suggestions you’d be spending a mere 0,000+ on your spring wardrobe. If you were to pick up just the essentials that Gwyneth took the time to model your price tag would be a much more reasonable but still out of this world $23,055.

Sure, some people have money to spend like this – and I’m guessing that’s the reason Gwyneth has done three of these “edits” with each one more expensive than the last (2011, 2012) – but the vast majority of us will not be spending $23,055 on our spring wardrobes, let alone our yearly wardrobes or perhaps even our lifetime wardrobes.

While the price tags are exorbitant, Gwyneth does a great job highlighting some of the hottest spring trends. So, for those of you in the same boat as me (i.e. not a millionaire), I’ve put together a cheat sheet, The GOOP Edit if you will, for how to get the GOOP NET-A-PORTER spring trends for less. Way less.>/em>

GOOP NET-A-PORTER Look 1: Everyday Punk

Gwyneth’s first look, Everyday Punk, is the most expensive of the bunch. One could argue, however, that a Valentino iPad Case isn’t really part of any outfit, but I don’t make the rules here. I really like this outfit, but that may have something to do with the fact that I always gravitate toward black and white (and red). While Gwyneth is insistent that panelled Rag & Bone jeans are necessary to complete the look, I stayed away from them. Besides costing $200+ per pair, those black panels may not be ideal for summer, so better to invest in a pair of jeans you can wear at least 6 months out of the year (or perhaps longer depending on your climate and proclivity for white jeans).

Here’s how to get the GOOP Everyday Punk Look for Less:

GOOP Punk Look - Get Gwyneth Palrow's GOOP Looks for Less

Black V-Neck Tee – JCPenney – $5 // Red Faux Leather Jacket – Last Call by Neiman Marcus – currently on sale for $69.30 (similar from ModCloth – $57.99 (size S only)) // White Skinny Jeans – The Limited – $79.90 // Silver Heels – ASOS – $50.87 // Studded iPad Case – TopShop – $40

GOOP NET-A-PORTER Look 2: Pretty Pastels

I like where Gwyneth is going with this edit. I like it a lot! I tried to stay fairly true to her original, although the shorts you’ll find below are more neutral with a great print.

Here’s how to get the GOOP Pretty Pastels Look for Less:

Get Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP Net-a-Porter Looks for Less

Pink Tee – Target – $8 // Chain Link Print Shorts – LOFT – $49.50 // Oxford Shirt – Target – $18 // Studded Crossbody – Nordstrom – $28

GOOP NET-A-PORTER Look 3: Prints and Pattern

This is definitely the most expensive look I came up with, although there are a ton of pieces included! I’m not sure why two different GOOP looks include iPad cases, but whatever. I went with it. Maybe Gwyneth is on Apple’s payroll or something. (Hmm, let’s hope her daughter’s name isn’t actually some weird corporate scheme.)

Here’s how to get the GOOP Prints and Pattern Look for Less:

GOOP Net-a-Porter Looks for Less

Gray Knit Sweater – TopShop – $30 // Geo Skirt – – $34.99 // Steve Madden Black Ankle Boots – Amazon – $129.95 // Sparkle Stone Necklace – Banana Republic – $59.50 // Braided Cuff Bracelet – Macy’s – $26 // Diane von Furstenberg iPad Case – ShopBop – $67.50

GOOP NET-A-PORTER Look 4: Shorts, Dressed Up

Gwyneth seriously lost me with this look. There’s no denying that Gwyneth has a rocking body and more power to her for showing it off. That said, I’d probably give anyone over the age of 25 some serious side eye if I saw them walking down the street in a midriff baring top. That said, I LOVE the idea of dressy shorts. If a mini skirt can be dressy apparel, why not shorts?

Here’s how to get the GOOP Shorts, Dressed Up Look for Less:

GOOP Net-a-Porter Look 4 | Get Gwyneth Paltrow's spring style for less

Pleated Neck Blouse – Mango – $29.99 // Pleated Shorts – J. Crew – $59.50 // Metallic Heels – ASOS – $42.39 // Lucite Clutch – Zappos – $64.99 // Alfani Crystal Bib Necklace – Macy’s – $42.50

GOOP NET-A-PORTER Look 5: Maxi at Home

According to Gwyneth, this is what you wear for a “night in” with guests. However, if I was wearing the $1,615 skirt Gwyneth is wearing below I would demand that my husband take me out for a night on the town. I would probably take and treat the guests that I had invited over for the evening as well! (Because, you know, if I was wearing a $1,615 skirt just because then I could certainly afford to treat everyone to a fancy dinner!)

Here’s how to get the GOOP Maxi at Home Look for Less:

Get GOOP's Net-a-Porter Looks for Less | Maxi Style

Gray Tank – Target – $8 // Black Maxi Skirt – Arden B. – $69 // Gold Link Necklace – Dorothy Perkins – $22 // Gold Buckle Sandals – ASOS – $67.82

GOOP NET-A-PORTER Look 6: Mini and Metallic

Any Project Runway fans in the house? When I saw this look of Gwyneth’s I immediately thought of Michelle Franklin’s winning look for Lord & Taylor from last week’s episode. I know they’re totally different color palettes, but there’s something about the style that and cut that seems similar.

While I probably won’t be going the “mini” route myself, I might try out the metallic trend as I pick up a dress or two for the upcoming wedding season.

Here’s how to get the GOOP Mini and Metallic Look for Less:

 GOOP Look 6 - Get Gwyneth Paltrow's net-a-porter looks for less

Metallic Jacquard Dress – ShopBop – $137.40 (similar from Forever21 – $22.80 – only size L) // Double Finger Ring – ASOS – $13.56 // Chevron Hinge Ring – Arden B. – $19

GOOP NET-A-PORTER Look 7: Bright & Bold

I’m not going to lie. This look of Gwyneth Paltrow’s surprised me for its simplicity. And how normal it is. According to Gwyneth, this look is for “casual weekends, city walks and the school run,” aka everyday life.

Here’s how to get the GOOP Bright and Bold Look for Less:

GOOP Look 7 - Get Gwyneth Paltrow's Net-a-Porter looks for less

Striped Cardigan – J.Crew Factory Store – $31.50 // Yellow Tee – The Limited – $26.90 // Boyfriend Jeans – Gap – $69.95 // Canvas Tennis Shoe – Superga – $69.95 // Envelope Crossbody – Forever21 – $19.80

GOOP NET-A-PORTER Look 8: Silk for Slouching

This is the look where Gwyneth lost me. (By the way, in my mind I am now calling GP “Gwynnie.” I’ve been staring at her for so long today that I feel like we are on a first name/ nickname basis.) Silk pants + designer sneakers + jewelry for “slouching”? No way. Weekends are for relaxing and not caring how you look. Therefore, this is perhaps the most drastic GOOP edit of all. Relaxing and being comfortable shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Here’s how to get the GOOP Silk for Slouching Look for Less:

GOOP Net-a-Porter Edit: Get Gwyneth Paltrow's Looks for Less

Green Slippers – Kohl’s – $2.40 // Gray Hoodie – Sierra Trading Post – $10.85 // Sateen Pajama Pants – $Target – $17.99

Do Tell: Which is your favorite GOOP Net-a-Porter look? Will you be trying out any of these trends this spring?

*All Gwyneth Paltrom images via GOOP Website

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