Wedding Wednesday: 10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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Wedding Wednesday


When I was planning my own wedding I had the most fun trying to come up with a wedding guest book idea. I knew I didn’t want a traditional book, but I wasn’t sure what I did want. I ended up winging it and putting a guest “book” together at the last minute when I finally found something on Pinterest I loved (Mine is #10 below).

If you’re looking for some guest book inspiration at the moment, here are 10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas:

10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Wedding Guest Book Puzzle


1. Wedding Guest Book Puzzle

Bella Puzzles has a huge selection of wedding guest book puzzles available that can be personalized to your wedding and personal style. This is such a fun idea! After the wedding you and your husband can spend some time reading the messages and putting the puzzle together. Perhaps you can make it a yearly ritual as you celebrate your anniversary, or you could even glue the puzzle together and hand it on the wall.


10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Guest Book Art


2. Wedding Guest Book Art

I’m smitten with everything in SuzyShoppe on Etsy! She makes gorgeous wedding guest book alternatives, including numerous styles of wedding guest book art like you see above. On your wedding day your guests will *carefully* sign one of the blank spots in the art, and you’ll go home with a guest book that you can hang on your wall as a constant reminder of everyone that joined you on your special day. The price of the pieces above varies depending on the size and design.


10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Ask guests to sign your favorite book


{Image via Every Last Detail}


3. Have guests sign your favorite book

If there’s a certain book that’s particularly meaningful to you and your betrothed, why not ask your guests to sign a copy of that book? Then whenever you read through the book together you’ll be reminded of your wedding. I love that in the image above the couple used Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. What a unique wedding guest book idea!

10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Ask your guests to circle words in a dictionary that remind them of you


{Image via Southern Living}

4. Have your guests circle words in a dictionary that remind them of you

This is similar to the idea above, but a little more specific. Leave a dictionary out and ask your wedding guests to circle the words that remind them of you as a couple and of your wedding day. They can also leave notes in the margins for a more personal touch.

10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Wedding Guest Book Map


5. Wedding Guest Book Map

Well, here’s an idea I wish I would have seen before my wedding day. I DEFINITELY would have taken this route.  If you and your betrothed have the travel bug, you can ask that your guests sign a map of the world that you can then use to track your travels together. Here & There has a selection of fantastic customized Wedding Guest Book Maps like the one above. You could also purchase an inexpensive World Map ($0.89!) to use and then have it framed after the wedding.


10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Wedding Mad Libs (free printable!)


{Image via Love vs. Design}



6. Wedding Mad Lib

Though wedding mad libs seem to be a pretty popular wedding guest book alternative, I still haven’t encountered one at any weddings I’ve attended! I absolutely love this idea, and creating a wedding mad lib is easy enough to do on your own, though Love vs. Design is offering the wedding mad lib above as a free download! (Also available in blue.)


10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Signing bottles of wine


7. Signing bottles of wine

If there’s anything we like around here it’s finding little shortcuts to make life easier! These custom wedding wine labels will make special bottles of wine become both your table numbers and your guest book! The guests sitting at each table will sign the bottles of wine, which you and your betrothed will consume on that particular anniversary. The labels above are from Sugar Vine Art.


10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Jenga wedding guest book


8. Jenga Wedding Guest Book

Do you and your betrothed enjoy games and being competitive? If so, a Jenga Wedding Guest Book might be for you. Just pick up Jenga ($12.97 at Amazon) or have custom Jenga set made for your wedding and then ask your guests to sign the pieces. You’ll think of your guests every time you pull this game out to play!


10 Creative Guest Book Ideas: Rocks


9. Rocks

A few years ago I attended a wedding where the bride and groom asked us all to sign rocks that they had collected. The bride and groom was really into nature and had collected all of the rocks that they used on their various hiking adventures around the world. Now the rocks are displayed in a container by their front door. I love this wedding guest book idea because the rocks were special to the bride and groom to begin with, and made even more special with all of the individual notes they received.


10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Wedding Note Board in lieu of a traditional wedding guest book


10. Wedding Note Board

Finally, I put together a wedding note board instead of going with a traditional wedding guest book. Putting this together took no more than 20 minutes. All I did was affix small envelopes to some thick foam board using a hot glue gun. If I’d had more time I would have covered the foam board in fabric. On the day of the wedding I left out note cards and our guests wrote little notes to us that my husband and I will open on our 10th wedding anniversary.


I’d love to hear more wedding guest book ideas! What kind of guest book did you have at your wedding? 

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