Fantabulously Sparkly: A Rent the Runway Review

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Rent the Runway Review


Well, I’m back from my travels to Dallas and had the most fantabulous time at my cousin’s wedding.  And the dress?  Well, it was an absolute dream!  You can check out my previous post about picking out the right dress here, but as a refresher, I chose the Badgley Mischka Midnight Glamour Dress.  Full disclosure:  I am 5’6″ and post-baby weigh around 150 pounds.  I’m a pretty solid size 8/Medium.  I know that many formal dresses run a bit on the small side, so I ordered a size 8 and a size 10.  Rent the Runway is fabulous because you can add a second size for free!  It definitely made me feel much more comfortable about ordering a dress I wasn’t able to try on ahead of time.

The dresses arrived on Thursday afternoon (the wedding was Saturday) and I immediately tried on the size 8.  It fit perfectly and I was so relieved!  However, the zipper gave me a lot of trouble.  It was extremely stiff due to the thickness of the fabric, and my friend had a really hard time zipping it up.  The dress had a deep v-neck but I could still wear my normal (boring, gray cotton) bra without anything showing.  I felt like a million bucks when I put on that dress!  Rent the Runway also sent fashion tape for any sort of fashion/fit issues, a coupon for Magnum ice cream bars (yum!), a travel size Dove body wash and some q-tips.

The afternoon of the wedding, I got dressed and had a very, very difficult time pulling up the zipper.  My friend and her mom both helped to get the zipper up, and fabric kept getting caught in the teeth.  Eventually, they were able to zip me up … and then about a minute later, the zipper came apart underneath.  Uh oh.  It wasn’t broken, but it was stuck, so I quickly put on the size 10 for the evening – another reason why having two dresses is a must!  The 10 fit fine, but was definitely on the larger side in the bodice.  As a result, I think I probably had more cleavage than I was planning on having.  Additionally, the straps were ever so slightly too big so I kept self-consciously pulling them back up on my shoulders.

Rent the Runway Review

exhibit a:  kind of a lot of cleavage

Zipper issue aside, this dress was FABULOUS.  Since it was so fun and sparkly, I toned down my jewelry quite a bit, wearing only diamond stud earrings and my wedding rings.  I wore a pair of silver Kate Spade heels that I wore for my wedding and carried a small silver clutch.  Paired with some fun red lipstick (Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella), it was a truly fabulous look!

Rent the Runway Review

exhibit b: fun!

Perhaps most importantly, the dress was incredibly comfortable and easy to dance in.  As you can see from this slightly blurry, slightly sweaty photo of my cousins and me, much fun was had by all.  And the cleavage?  Honestly, since having a baby, that’s the one part of my body I feel really fabulous about, so I embraced it!  I received several compliments about the dress, and looking (and feeling) that good was a huge boost to my post-partum self esteem.

The next morning, I folded up both dresses and put them in the prepaid UPS envelope that was enclosed in the shipment.  I found my nearest UPS drop box, dropped it in, and that was it!

The whole Rent the Runway process is easy as pie and could not have gone more smoothly.  I highly recommend Rent the Runway to any new mom who needs something fun for a special occasion!  Additionally, for those pregnant ladies out there reading this, you can search for “bump-friendly” dresses on the Rent the Runway site!  I had a really hard time finding a great maternity navy dress to wear as a bridesmaid in Lisa’s wedding last summer … now I know that I definitely should have looked at Rent the Runway!

Disclaimer:  Rent the Runway provided this fabulous dress, but the opinions above are my own!

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