8 Stylish Advent Calendars to Mark Down the Days til Christmas

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Advent Calendars help count down the days till Christmas, and it should come as no surprise to you that I’ve always been a big fan. My family usually picked up an advent calendar at the local drugstore, and then we’d all take turns opening and enjoying the treats (usually chocolate) inside.

This year, my house is decorated early and I was thinking about what more I can do when it dawned on me that I should get an advent calendar. I’ve never had one as an adult, and really, I’ve never had one to myself. (Separate ones for me and my husband may be a necessity.) I went in search of a few different options and let me tell you – advent calendars have changed since I was a kid! I’m pretty sure our calendar used to cost $5 (or less), but I found one for as much as $1,200! Also, no longer do advent calendars contain just a small piece of chocolate each day – some of them go all out and contain awesome gifts.

Here are just a few of the awesome advent calendars I encountered in my search. Let’s call them Stylish Advent Calendars. Each is unlike any I’ve ever seen before!


Vosges Haut-Chocolat Advent Calendar

Vosges Haut-Chocolat Advent Calendar – $143 at Saks Fifth Avenue

This advent calendar is definitely not cheap, but it probably ranks #1 in terms of deliciousness! Each day there’s a new piece of Vosges chocolate or a bon bon to enjoy! (Vosges just happens to be my favorite chocolate brand!)

Diabox Advent Calendar

Diabox Advent Calendar – $74 at Fab.com

You’ll have to fill (and hang) this advent calendar yourself, but it is a very stylish alternative to traditional advent calendars!

Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar


Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar – $68 at Benefit Cosmetics

Sadly, this advent calendar is out of stock everywhere, but if this is a must-have for you, keep watching the Benefit website. There’s always a chance they might release a few more. (Maybe in time for Black Friday?!)

Advent Calendar DIY Kit

I am smitten with this DIY Advent Calendar Kit ($16.50) that I found at Etsy. Sure, you’re purchasing the materials to make this envelope-inspired calendar, but the more creative among us will be able to replicate this calendar without the kit.


Topshop Freedom Advent Jewelry Calendar


Freedom Advent Jewelry Calendar – $56 at Topshop

This fashionable advent calendar contains twelve pairs of stud earrings, four ditsy fine bracelets and eight necklaces.


Ciate Mini Mani MonthCiate Mini Mani Month – $58 at Henri Bendel

A new bottle of Ciate nail polish to enjoy each day!

Paris Advent Calendar


Paris Advent Calendar – $20 at Nouveau Designs (Etsy)

Behind each window of this cute advent calendar you’ll find a mini Christmas scene.



DIY Advent Calendar using Paper Bags


A little easier for those that are DIY-lazy is this Modern-Looking DIY Advent Calendar. All you’ll need are some kraft paper bags, stickers, and large number stickers, as well as treats to put inside each day’s bag.


Do Tell: Do you and your family have an advent calendar? Do you like these stylish advent calendars or do you prefer something more traditional?

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