Artistry Gift Wrap Review – A Wrapping Paper Subscription Box

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Artistry Gift Wrap: Wrapping Paper Subscription

We’re getting to an interesting point for subscription boxes. The market is fully saturated (over saturated, perhaps), but businesses keep creating new boxes. It’s like sample sale sites and daily deal sites in their heyday – new sites kept opening, but now only a few remain. I sense we’re headed that direction for subscription boxes. More and more I find myself less impressed with boxes and more wondering, “Who is the market for this particular box?”

Which leads me to this Artistry Gift Wrap Review.

I feel like I should clarify from the beginning that I actually do appreciate what Artistry Gift Wrap is trying to do, and I feel like with a few tweaks it would be a box I would subscribe to in an instant as I would be the ideal subscriber. I LOVE gift wrap. There have been times that I have spent more on the gift wrap than I have the actual gift. I’m not particularly creative, but I love the fun of putting together the perfect gift and making it look amazing. I love handmade wrapping paper, and have a favorite store here in Chicago where I’ll seek out new designs. I am a wrapping paper nut.

When Artistry Gift Wrap asked me to do a review, I readily agreed. According to their website, this wrapping paper subscription service features “exceptional, quality, designer gift wrap sourced from artists & designers around the world.”

This was a no-brainer in my book, but I’m not sure the package I received lived up to that description.

Here’s what I received in my Artistry Gift Wrap box:

DSC_0523 DSC_0521 DSC_0522


Based on the description from the website, I was expecting premium wrapping paper, so I was surprised that I received paper along the likes of what you could pick up at CVS, or even Dollar Tree. Instead of paper from “artists and designers” this paper is from The Gift Wrap Company, a wholesale gift wrap supplier. Will I use this paper? Most likely, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.


This sheet details what was included inside the tube (seen above), and the retail value of each item.


These three sheets provided instructions on how to tie a bow, wrap a square gift, and some easy gift wrap designs. Had this been more personalized, I probably would have requested intermediate level instruction sheets.

DSC_0524 DSC_0525


I also received some treat bags, a raffia egg, and some random Easter stickers.

I recognize that everyone isn’t as big of a freak about wrapping paper as I am, but I think that even with that in mind that this box is somewhat uninspired. Why are there Easter stickers? What are the treat bags for?

If Artistry Gift Wrap’s website hadn’t used the phrasing, “Receive exceptional, quality, designer gift wrap sourced from artists & designers around the world,” then I probably wouldn’t have thought too hard about this box. If I were just expecting regular old wrapping paper, then sure, this box would have been fine.

There’s also the issue of price. The box I received cost $24.98, including shipping. The retail value of the products included was $23, and shipping cost $6 to my house, so you could argue that I received $29 worth of products (shipped) for $24.98. That’s not a bad deal necessarily, but it comes down to this: Had I gone to Target or CVS, there’s absolutely no way I would have been happy walking away with the products above having spent $25.

What I hope that Artistry Gift Wrap does going forward is to drop the wholesale stuff and work more with the artisans and designers they claim to work with on their website. If they had sent me just four to five sheets of designer wrapping paper (like that found here at Luxe Paperie), I would have been singing their praises and eagerly awaiting my shipment each month. I searched out other Artistry Gift Wrap reviews, and Jennifer from Ramblings of a Surburban Mom received a much more cohesive box that contained handmade and screen printed wrapping paper last month, so I’m not sure why this month’s shipment was so … basic.

I sincerely hope future boxes from Artistry Gift Wrap look better than the one that I received. With a focus on designer and artisan wrapping paper, I think this is one subscription box that could be amazing and fill a niche hole in the market.

Disclosure: I was provided with this box to review, but all opinions above are clearly my own. 

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