New Bargain-Priced J.Crew Store in the Works: J.Crew Mercantile

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Racked and multiple other online sources (including The Wall Street Journal, which I can’t access – darn subscription news outlets!) are reporting that J.Crew will soon be launching a lower-priced store, J.Crew Mercantile. Apparently they’re likening this new store to when Gap brands launched Old Navy as a cheaper option for Gap shoppers in the 90s.

The pricing at J.Crew Mercantile will be on par with the prices at J.Crew Factory, but it will be a whole separate line of items.

Part of the impetus for the new line is that J.Crew is apparently tired of having to issue sales and coupons to lure in shoppers, so they are hoping that the discount shoppers will instead flee to J.Crew Mercantile and J.Crew’s pricing can go back to “normal.”

I’ll be curious to see how this all plays out, especially since J.Crew Factory already exists and is already a separate J.Crew line. Will the styles at J.Crew Mercantile be similar, or will they go in a different direction? I wonder how sales will be if/when J.Crew stops offering sales and discounts and the bargain shoppers head to J.Crew Mercantile — are there more J.Crew bargain shoppers or full-priced shoppers out there?

Only time will tell, I suppose!

If you had to choose between J.Crew, J.Crew Factory or the just-announced J.Crew Mercantile, where would you shop?

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