2 of my Favorite Things: Superga and Jord Watches

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2 of My Favorite Things: Superga Sneakers & Jord Watch

If you were to see me around this summer (and not at an event requiring fancy attire), there’s a good chance I would be sporting two of my favorite new finds: Superga sneakers and a Jord Watch.

Here’s what’s funny about these two things: I normally don’t wear a watch or sneakers. And yet, somehow, I have become completely smitten with both of these things and now not only am I wearing these items constantly, but I also cannot recommend them more!

I purchased the bright green Superga sneakers sometime last year from a sample sale site because The Man Repeller had posted about loving them and I had some credits to use. (You may also recall that I picked up a navy pair at the 6pm.com Outlet in Kentucky!) True story: I didn’t pull these sneakers out of the box until the day we left for vacation. I looked at them and thought they’d be perfect for walking and didn’t give it a second thought. LUCKILY they didn’t need to be worn in or anything as they fit perfectly right out of the box. We’re talking no blisters, incredible arch support, and a great tread on the bottom of the shoe that actually allowed me to wear them hiking. (Hello, non-outdoorsy person here.) Also, they’re cute! I like bright footwear and these fit the bill perfectly.

Normally, between the months of May and September I live in flip flops, but this year I cannot stop wearing these Superga sneakers. I have just never had a sneaker that I have felt this strongly about! There is no doubt in my mind that this is a shoe I will continue to repurchase. There are so many colors and patterns available that I will likely be purchasing another pair long before I actually need them.

Usually, you’re even less likely to catch me wearing a watch than you are to catch me wearing sneakers, but I am smitten with my Jord Ely Watch! It was particularly wonderful when we were in Costa Rica and I wasn’t actually dragging my phone (my de facto watch) around with me everywhere. I have been a big fan of wood watches and sunglasses ever since wood items became a “thing,” but this is the first item I’ve owned and now I want everything in wood.

The reason I love this watch so much is that it is SO light. I normally don’t like anything on my wrist (aside from my Fitbit, which I also left at home when we were on vacation), so the fact that I can wear this watch regularly and forget that it’s even on says a lot. Plus, it just looks cool. I love that the watch face is composed of the same wood as the rest of the watch body. It just looks really sharp!

What are your favorite things this summer?

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