Graze Review: Delicious & Nutritious Snacks Delivered to Your Door

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Graze: Snack Subscription Box

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a way to get a free box from Graze, which is a snack subscription box. I took advantage of that offer myself and just received my first box, which you can see above.

I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to Graze, so after I placed my order for my free box I spent some time on the site ranking the treats I would and would not like to receive. Graze currently offers more than 100 snack options, which run the gamut from seeds & nuts to dried fruits to sweet treats to popcorn and more! While you don’t get to choose which snacks you receive in your Graze box, ranking them will help them know what you would and would not like to receive (and they do base your selections on those rankings). For instance, I have a crazy sweet tooth so I ranked all of the sweet treats pretty high while indicating that I did not want to receive any popcorn.

I think that partially because Graze carries so many awesome treats and partially because I obsessively ranked every single snack option, the box that I received was perfect!

Graze Subscription BoxI received chili & honey almonds, super berry detox, honeycomb flapjacks (like mini granola bars), and corn chips with cilantro and lime salsa.

Graze Tortilla Chip and Salsa Snack

The serving size for each snack is perfect. It’s neither too big or too small. (Although the cilantro & lime salsa was so delicious that I easily could have eaten more of it!) The flapjacks (or mini granola bars) were delicious too! There were 3 separate flapjacks included, which put together would be about the size of one regular granola bar.

Things to know about Graze:

  • Every snack has a “benefit.” For instance, some snacks will be less than 100 calories while others will provide a good source of fiber or a serving of fruit.
  • Snacks from Graze may contain traces of gluten,wheat, eggs, peanuts, soy, milk and nuts, however, it is very easy to receive products without gluten or nuts or eggs.
  • You can receive a new box from Graze every week or every other week. Each box will have four snacks included.
  • Once you enjoy your snacks from Graze be sure to go onto the website and rank what you tried, which will influence your future orders!

Graze costs $6 per box, including shipping, which breaks down to $1.50 per snack. While this is a little high, I like the convenience of receiving new treats to try that are already portioned out. I will definitely be keeping this subscription going!

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