Steal This Look: Kate Middleton’s Navy Blazer

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Steal this Look: Kate Middleton's Navy Blazer

One of my biggest questions in life is what do celebrities do with all of the free clothes they receive? It’s no secret that many, if not most, A-list celebrities receive most of their outfits for free thanks to the attention it can bring designers, but what do they do once the event is over? It’s rare to see a celebrity ever wearing the same thing twice, which I’ll admit makes me a little sad for them. (Not THAT sad, mind you. I’d still like to raid any and all of their wardrobes.) Don’t celebrities have favorite items that they want to wear? I know when you’re being gifted thousands of dollars worth of apparel on a regular basis the first thing you think about may not be when you’re next going to wear your favorite LBD, but still. I guess I’m a creature of habit. I have my favorites and I’d be bummed if I couldn’t wear them.

I like to think that Kate Middleton and I are on the same wavelength. She frequently gets photographed wearing the same clothing and no item more so than her favorite navy blazer. According to People, Kate Middleton is wearing the Smythe One-Button Blazer, which you can get from Saks for $595.

As long as Kate Middleton has been in the public eye she has favored an assortment of navy blazers, and it is this latest one that has me thinking that I NEED to add a navy blazer to my fall wardrobe. Of course, investing in a $595 blazer is out of the question, so instead I went in search of a comparable one-button navy blazer, which, if Kate is to be believed, can be worn with absolutely anything at anytime.

Here are a few navy blazer options that will help you steal Kate Middleton’s look:

Steal Kate Middleton's Look with these Navy Blazers


1. Calvin Klein One-Button Leather Detail Cotton Stretch Blazer – on sale for $69.99 at Calvin Klein

2. Yumi Classic Structured Blazer – on sale for $40.01 at ASOS

3. (Plus Size) Merona Tailored Basket Weave Blazer – $39.99 at Target

4. Tahari Arthur S. Levine One-Button Blazer – on sale for $72.52 at Lord & Taylor


Steal Kate Middleton's Look with these Navy Blazers

5. Fluid Stretch Twill Jacket – on sale for $49.99 at LOFT

6. Fitted Jacket – $34.95 at H&M

7. Merona Ponte Blazer – on sale for $20.98 at Target

8. MICHAEL Michael Kors Three-Quarter-Sleeve Ruched Blazer – on sale for $79.99 at Macy’s

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