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Amazon Prime Members: Pre-Order the *New* Amazon Fire TV Stick for $19 (Normally $39)

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon has just announced a new product that could make an awesome gift for someone on your shopping list this holiday season! Even if you’re not yet in the holiday shopping mood, you might want to reconsider if you’re an Amazon Prime member!

For the next two days only – ending tomorrow night, October 28 – Amazon Prime members will be able to pre-order the Amazon Fire TV Stick for just $19! The normal retail price of this product will be $39, so this is a heck of a discount! The Fire TV Stick will ship out on November 19.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a smaller version of the Amazon Fire TV (which you all know I LOVE). The Fire TV Stick works more like a Chromecast in that you hook plug the small stick directly into your television and then use the remote to find the shows you want to watch. The Fire TV isn’t much different, except that the box is larger and contains more memory. Here’s a handy dandy comparison:

Amazon Fire TV vs Amazon Fire TV Stick


You WILL be able to use the Fire TV Stick to stream your favorite shows from sites like Hulu and Netflix, and Amazon Prime members will have access to Prime Instant Video, which includes the HBO Collection. My husband and I primarily use our Kindle Fire TV for Amazon Instant Video at this point.

For just $19, this really is an amazing deal especially if you were looking for a new tech gift for someone on your shopping list… or just a cheaper way to stream channels to your TV!

Click here to get the Amazon Fire TV Stick for $19!

Get an Amazon Fire TV for $84 – Normally $99

Amazon Fire TV I feel compelled to mention that my new favorite gadget, the Amazon Fire TV, is on sale for $84 today! Normally the Fire TV costs $99, so this is a nice $15 discount.

My husband and I have used our Amazon Fire TV nearly every day since I bought it. I’ve used it to watch The New Girl and The Mindy Project via Amazon Instant Video, and we’ve both been watching Hannibal via Amazon Instant Video and The League via Netflix. We really love having a device that connects so seamlessly and allows us to watch shows from so many different services.

I recently wrote an Amazon Fire TV review and feel the same about the device now. I absolutely love it… I only wish it had been on sale when I purchased mine!

One thing worth noting: You will need an HDMI cable to use the Amazon Fire TV. It is not included.

Click here to check out the Amazon Fire TV!

Must-Have Electronics: Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Last week I made a split-second decision to purchase an Amazon Fire TV ($99) because after watching season 3 of New Girl I NEEDED to watch seasons 1 and 2 of The Mindy Project. One of the only ways to do so was via Amazon Instant Video, so I figured it was time to get the Amazon Fire TV so I could at least pretend to do work while binge watching TV.

You may recall that earlier this year I mentioned purchasing a Google Chromecast, but I never reported that I gave up using it almost immediately. We had a lot of trouble trying to connect our phones and/or tablet to it while maintaining a stable internet connection, so it was essentially a waste of money. (Luckily it only cost like $25.) The Amazon Fire TV is different from the Chromecast because instead of needing to send the signal from your phone or whatnot to the device, you can play shows and movies directly from the Fire TV.

The Amazon Fire TV was super easy to set up. I had it up and running in about five minutes and the longest part of installation was entering our wifi password because I always forget that it’s case sensitive. Once it was connected I just switched on the TV and was able to browse all of the listings.

Amazon Fire TV Streaming

With an Amazon Fire TV you can stream movies, television shows, and games from all of the services above. Honestly, at this point we’re really only going to use it to watch shows on Amazon Instant Video and Netflix, but it’s great that there are so many options! To use apps like Netflix you must, of course, have a Netflix subscription and I’m sure that is true for some of these other options as well. The only service currently missing that would be nice is HBO Go, but most of the HBO catalogue is now included in Amazon Instant Video anyhow.

As much as I love TV, I don’t actually watch that much of it and think that I could probably get away with nothing more than an Amazon Fire TV in my everyday life as it has everything I need, it connects super quickly, and it’s easy to use. Did I mention that the remote is voice activated, so you can just tell it what you want to watch? It’s amazing.

I’m not usually a gadget person, but this is one investment I’m really glad I made. I used the justification that it was an early baby gift to myself, but now I don’t even need that. It’s easily the coolest piece of electronic equipment I’ve ever purchased and while the one I bought is set up in the bedroom now, I’m tempted to buy a second for the living room!

Planning on Upgrading to the iPhone 6? Lock In Your Trade-In Price Now!

Trade in Your iPhone for an Amazon Gift Card

I’ve talked before about Amazon’s Trade-In Program but just got word that they are already accepting trade-in requests for old iPhones from those who plan on picking up the soon-to-be-released iPhone 6!

Here are the details:

Take advantage of the 45-day lock-in period (starting 9/9-10/10) to lock in values on hot phones – Apple iPhone5s 64 GB AT&T- $400* or Apple iPhone 5 64 GB Verizon- $363.55* – while you wait to buy their new device!

(Note: *Trade-in values are subject to change based on market rate.)

Those who choose to trade-in their electronics through Amazon will be paid with an Amazon gift card. It’s probably not as optimal as cold hard cash, but usually gift card payments tend to be higher than cash payments. By comparison, Gazelle is offering $310 for an unlocked Apple iPhone5s 64 GB AT&T or $270 for a locked phone. Of course, that’s straight cash.

Regardless of whether you go with Amazon, Gazelle, or someone else entirely, it may be worth your while to do your research and lock down the trade-in price now. The more phones get traded in, the lower the trade-in value is going to be!

Amazon Fire TV on Sale for $84 (Normally $99)

Amazon Fire TV


I have a birthday coming up next week and I am really tempted to treat myself to the Amazon Fire TV, which is on sale today at Amazon for $84! this is the lowest price I have seen as this device normally costs $99!

Amazon Fire TV is comparable to the Google Chromecast, Apple TV, or Roku in that it’s a tiny box that hooks up to your TV and that lets you easily watch web programming. For instance, you can log into your Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime accounts to watch any shoes on those outlets, and a host of other apps.

Amazon published this chart that shoes some of the differences between the different boxes:

Differences between boxes


We got a Chromecast earlier this year but I really haven’t been happy with it… primarily because the shows we’ve been watching have all been on Amazon Prime!

For $84, it might finally be time to treat myself to an Amazon Fire TV!

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