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Possible Free $5 Etsy Credit for New Users

$5 Etsy Credit


I just placed an order on Etsy (yep, it’s not even 9 a.m. and I’m already shopping) and at the end of the transaction I was given the option of sharing $5 Etsy credits with friends!

Per the fine print, it appears that the credit can be used by anyone that has not yet placed a purchase from Etsy or anyone that is new to the site, so if you count yourself in that group: here’s a free $5 to spend at Etsy!

If you click on the link you should get a screen like the one I posted above. I don’t think you have to spend the credit right this second… I believe it gets saved to your Etsy account and should be available whenever you want to shop!

Beauty Reviewed: Reusable Makeup Facial Pads

Reusable Makeup Facial Pads

Perhaps this post would have been appropriate yesterday, Earth Day, but this morning I woke up and realized that I haven’t yet posted about the Reusable Makeup Facial Pads I purchased from Etsy a couple of months ago.

My husband and I do our best to implement little “earth friendly” changes in our routine. We switched to only using cloth napkins a few years ago, we purchased a Brita so we no longer purchase bottled water, and we *try* to remember to bring reusable bags to the grocery store. One of my goals for this summer is to learn how to make reusable paper towels (which would mean reacquainting myself with my sewing machine), and when I was thinking about cutting down on paper products I started thinking about another product I use and dispose of frequently: makeup pads.

Since I’ve begun using Liz Earle Toner as part of my daily skincare routine I have been going through multiple cotton makeup pads each day, either for toner application or makeup removal. I realized there had to be a better way than using something once and disposing of it, so I turned to Etsy and found these Reusable Makeup Facial Pads from Anne Riggs Design.

Anne Riggs Design Reusable Makeup Facial Pads

You can purchase 25 reusable makeup pads for $20 (though right now there’s an ongoing Earth Day Sale and the price is slashed to $16). I’ve been using these pads for awhile now and I absolutely love them!

One side of each pad is terry, and the other is a cute cotton fabric. The two pieces of fabric have been serged together to create one incredibly absorbent pad that does a great job of applying toner and removing makeup. I have no complaints at all!

Reusable Makeup Pad Storage

I store my reusable makeup pads in a glass jar in the bathroom, so they look kind of cute on the counter. The pads come with a small mesh laundry bag, which holds soiled pads and can then be thrown right into the washing machine.

I love when I find easy ways to alter my routine that cuts down on waste. If you’re looking to make an easy earth-friendly change to your beauty routine, I highly recommend checking out these reusable makeup facial pads!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Wooden Cameo Necklace

Wooden Cameo Necklace

There’s a lot of “mom” jewelry on the market these days, but if you’re looking for something a little different I recommend checking out this Wooden Cameo Necklace from Le Papier Studio. I’m so smitten with it that I have had it open in my browser for two weeks!

There’s a selection of silhouettes to choose from, or you have the option of submitting your own photos for a truly personalized necklace!

A small pearl and a gold wishbone charm are also affixed to each necklace.

Each wooden cameo necklace costs $64 and ships within 2-3 business days after the proof is finalized.

Etsy Monday: Stickerbrand

We bought a house. I love our house, but we have two totally different ideas on decor. This is why I think today’s featured Etsy shop, Stickerbrand, is a fabulous idea. Basically, the “newest interior design trend is adding vinyl art on interior walls.” Stickerbrand makes this possible. I’m a total fan.

One of the nicest things about these vinyl art pieces is, if your style changes, or you aren’t a super huge fan of your husband adding a Spiderman sticker on your living room wall, they are easy enough to change. They all come with easy instuctions and only take minutes to apply. This sounds like the perfect compromise for decor for our home.

Check out the pieces that I’m smitten with!


Counting Sheep

This is darling for a little kids room! And I love the idea of alternating the colors of the sheep. How precious. The default color is black, but if you want another color choice, just ask! Your choices are: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Light Sky Blue, Soft Pink, Lime Green, Grey, Brown, Beige, Burgundy, Gold and Silver.


Swirl Flower Floral Design

This idea is great. We have a fireplace with no mantle that I haven’t a clue what to do with. I love this concept. And if the husband doesn’t, no sweat. I can totally remove it. Easy as pie. Mmmm, pie.


Tall Bare Trees

I love this idea so much! The hubby and I all are about family. This is a very creative way to display photos without just hanging them up haphazardly. I totally think I need this.

And, if you’ve fallen in love with Stickerbrand like I have, then you’ll be super excited to hear that they are offering readers 15% off using the code FAB2012.

Eric was kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

1. If you could have any wall decal hanging on the wall in your home, what would it be and why?

Any large wall decals that cover the entire wall is our favorite types of decals. We have the Japanese Great Wave Hokusai (#363B) wall decal in our dining room wall. The look on the faces of people walking into our home for the first time are always priceless. And the first question that always seems to asked is, ” Wow, did you paint that?”

2. What is your favorite decal in your shop?

My favorite decal design changes from week to week. We have 5 full time artist that are always designing new decals. 200 new designs are added to our collection each month. At the moment my favorite wall decal designs are the Whale Shark wall decal and the large Koi Fish Wave wall decal.

Whale Shark (OS_ES109B)

Koi Fish Wave (OS_MB118B)

3. Do you take custom orders?

We do make custom orders however that also depends on the design that is requested. Some designs are too difficult and costly to produce and therefore we might have to pass on the custom order. But overall, if you have a ready-made vector design, we can produce it for you.

4. Where do you get your inspiration to create new designs?

Creative ideas are everywhere I go. Just last month we stopped at the Georgia Aquarium and saw the most beautiful majestic creature and the largest fish in the world, the gentle “Whale Shark”. When we got home from our mini vacation, I started on a design of a whale shark and it is currently one of my favorite designs at the moment.

Thanks Eric! And don’t forget to use the code FAB2012 for 15% off! Happy decorating!

Etsy Monday: Two Birds Boutique

You may remember today’s featured Etsy shop owners’ Megan and Nora from back in July when they guest posted here on FF. Well, I have had to the absolute pleasure to work with them again, as they have recently opened an Etsy shop, Two Birds Boutique, with all of their fabulous vintage finds!

Do you watch Mad Men? Well, doesn’t this skirt totally have that Mad Men feel?! And the color! Oh the color! I die.

Two Birds Boutique

Vintage 60s Mad Men Pencil Skirt

And this skirt not only qualifies for free shipping, but it’s also 20% off. Enter the code NEWYEAR in the coupon field. Or don’t, so I can buy it. 🙂

guest posted here

Vintage 70s Delicate Sweater

I am smitten with this sweater. The delicateness of the details, the color, and the doily collar just make it such a classic. The flower embroidery comes in lavendar, peach, rose and mauve. LOVE.

Two Birds Boutique Vintage Tunic

This tunic is adorable. I am not a huge fan of tight stuff on me personally, so I tend to lean towards the tunic route. I think these colors are great, too!

And don’t forget your 20% off! Now through January 11, enter NEWYEAR. And if you aren’t able to shop this week, check out the deal breakdowns below using the coupon code!

January 1 – 11: 20% off
January 12 – 21: 15% off
January 22 – 31: 10% off

Megan and Nora were kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

1. What has been your most favorite vintage find?

That’s a tough one. A friend of mine was planning a surprise wedding and she asked for help finding a dress. I went gung ho and bought three vintage white dresses. Last minute, she found one herself, but I love the ones I found so much I might dye them and keep them for myself. Oh, and recently, I thrifted a pair of mint condition vintage Frye boots for $8.99. Gotta love a deal!
I have a pair of British brown riding boots that I have worn to death. I really need to replace them, but I cannot bring myself to get rid of them (or stop wearing them)!
2. For someone interested in thrifting, what advice would you give them?
There are a lot of tips. my top three would be to 1. Go often. Stores restock daily, so you have the potential to find new treasures on a daily basis. 2. Look outside the box (or your size). People oftentimes throw clothes back where they don’t belong, and vintage sizes are different than current sizes. So, looking in different sections (or in the cast-off racks outside the dressing room) opens up the fab-finding potential that much more. 3. check check check. People donate things all the time without washing, fixing or caring about the condition. So mke sure to check the item for any stains, holes or imperfections.
Megan’s answers are perfect. I might also add that it is overwhelming, so when you first start thrifting to go knowing what you want and only look in those sections. You can slowly build up to exploring the entire store.
3. What are your favorite colors?
Old vintage refrigerator colors like avocado,mustard,  teal, orange and cream.
Avocado and granny smith apple greens and orange for sure.
4. Who is are your fashion icons?
past: Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren
present: Alexa Chung, Zoe Deschanel
Past: Audrey Hepburn, Francoise Hardy, Mia Farrow
Present: Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller (apparently I wish I was British).
5. What is your favorite item in your shop?
The 70s open cardigan. I would have kept it myself, but it didn’t fit. I adore the colors (see #3) and the style works with pretty much any outfit!
Any and all of our boots! I am a freak for vintage riding and cowboy boots. I also adore the green floral and lace chiffon maxi dress.
Aren’t they just the cutest?! Don’t forget now through the 11th to enter the code NEWYEAR for 20% off! Happy shopping!

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