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Card of the Week: Witches at Halloween

I love, love, love greeting cards.  Sending them, receiving them, browsing them.  It doesn’t matter. 

So I’ve decided to add a regular feature to the site, Card of the Week.  Each week I’m going to peruse the internets to find my favorite greeting card and share it with all of you here.  It’s kind of like I’ll be sending each of you a greeting card.  ūüôā

With Halloween right around the corner I think these Witches at Halloween cards from Etsy shop Shakespeare Press are just too cute:

Totally my type of humor.  And I’m a total sucker for anything letter pressed.  I’m equally a sucker for typewriter fonts.

Equally as cute?  The envelopes for the cards are stamped with a small Halloween image!

$8.00 (+ shipping) will get you five of these cards with envelopes.

Etsy Monday: Truche

Though Chicago is my adopted city and, by default Illinois my adopted state, my heart will always belong in Michigan.  And I need this piece of jewelry to show my allegiance off to the world.

!!! Have you ever seen anything more adorable?  I’ve been thinking about this pendant ever since I first came across it weeks ago.  This is the I Heart Michigan Pendant, and there are 49 other states and any country in the world where the Michigan beauty came from. 

These I Heart necklaces are handcrafted by Stevie, the owner of Etsy shop Truche.  Stevie is a lady after my own heart.  She, like I, grew up in Michigan and migrated to Chicago.  I think it was fate that caused me to find her shop!

I am absolutely obsessed with the I Heart necklaces, although there are so many other items that can be found in the shop.  For instance, this Honeycomb Heart:

Or this How Many Licks necklace, which immediately reminded me of those awesome tootsie pop commercials from the days of yore.

So, yeah.  What I’m telling you all is that I would love to own EVERYTHING that Stevie makes.  Oh, and did I mention that each pendant is made of .999 pure fine silver?  These are some super nice pendants and I think you will find the price to be quite nice as well.

Stevie was wonderful enough to answer a few questions for readers of Fantabulously Frugal and even offered an exclusive free shipping code for anyone interested in purchasing one of her pieces.  Read on for more!

1. How long have you been making jewelry?

I have been making jewelry for about 4 years now. I’ve been focusing on silver jewelry for a little over 6 months.

2. From where do you draw the inspiration for your pieces?

Everywhere! I live in a city, Chicago, that is so inspiring. Nature, architecture, friends, other artists, movies, music… I could go on forever.

3. What types of materials do you work with?

I work with fine silver, acrylic and glass mostly.

4. Will you make the “I Heart” necklaces for any state?

Sure! I will make any state or country. I love custom orders! I started with Michigan because that is where I am from (and hello the mitten shape is adorable). From there I branched out to other midwest states, and now am doing any state you request!

5. Do you have any one piece that you would call a favorite?

I love the I heart Michigan and the Momma Tree.

Momma Tree

6. How often do you add new designs to Truche?

I try and add new designs weekly. I hope to add more states and some Halloween inspired pieces in the near future!

7. Is there any meaning behind your store name?

Trudesign is the name of my graphic & web design company. A friend and I came up with Tru.che thinking it was catchy and also went well with Trudesign.


Stevie is offering an exclusive free shipping discount code at Truche for all Fantabulously Frugal readers.  Enter promo code FAB at checkout and the cost of shipping will be refunded to you (per Etsy limitations).

Etsy Monday: Miss Brache

This week’s Etsy Monday features Miss Brache, an Etsy store I hold near and dear to my heart.  Why?  Because my purchase from this shop marks the one and only time when I have purchased a piece of custom-made clothing, which I absolutely love!  Please allow me to introduce you all to…

I randomly found Miss Brache on Etsy quite a while ago and was immediately smitten.  The dresses and other items created by shop owner Diane are simply amazing.  And here’s the best part – all of her items can be made to fit anyone between sizes 0-24.  Tell me – how often do you see that?

Let me show you some of the items that can currently be found at Miss Brache:

You all know how much I love yellow, so it should come as no surprise to you how much I love this Hello DeeDee Dress:

Not only is the size customizable – but the color is, too!

Check out this Juliana Dress:

Wouldn’t it make a wonderful bridesmaid dress?  I just love that shade of navy.

If you’re feeling saucy, Diane even makes and sells petticoats that you can wear under the dress, for a little bit of extra oomph!

That’s pretty fun, don’t you think?  So fun for a night of dancing!

I also love this Boogie Trumpet Halter Dress:

I don’t know about you, but it really makes me want to go on a picnic.  Or square dancing.

Diane was gracious enough to answer a few questions about Miss Brache!  Enjoy!

1. When did you begin designing/making clothes?

Since I was a little girl. Halloween and being poor was the catalyst. My mother always made my sister and myself the best costumes. We were always first and second place in Miami’s San Juan Social Club’s (a Puerto Rican Club) yearly ball. By the time I was in High School I was making my own clothes, so I can save my Pizza Hut money for a car. We had a sewing class in high school and we had a big fashion show once. Everyone one supposed to wear what they had made but at the last minute many of my classmates used garments I made.

2. What was the first thing you ever made?

I have very early memories of hand sewing doll’s clothes with my Grandmother. I also remember one Mother’s Day trying to make my mother breakfast in bed which turned out to be a disaster. In an attempt to butter bread perfectly, I had gone through an entire loaf. To top that off I ended up just putting one gigantic lump of butter in between two pieces of bread so I didn’t break it.

3. Where do you draw the inspiration for your fun designs?

Mostly from real life. I just try and think of what I would like to wear to certain events. I’m also constantly looking at street style for inspiration.

4. The saying on your masthead, “You’re beautiful just the way you are,” is lovely. When did that become your motto?

It’s sort of always been my personal motto. I’m always saying it to friends and myself. I think it’s really important for people to feel happy with the way they are. In today’s society it’s hard to feel beautiful. Especially, with plastic surgery and photoshop. I think that women should love their bodies no matter the shape and not worry about what other people think.

5. If you had one signature item, what would you say that it is?

Maybe my Lucy Jumper or Reversible Party Dress. I love versatility in a garment, so you get more bang for your buck.

6. Do you accept custom orders?

About half of my work is custom orders and everything is made to measure. I end up making many Bridal Party dresses and those get customized quite a bit.

Thanks so much, Diane!!


I am looking for new shops to feature on Etsy Monday. If you own an Etsy store, or know someone who does and doesn’t mind answering a few questions, please send an email to:

Etsy Monday: Grayson Saige

Today’s Etsy Monday features a shop filled with lovely preppy, pink, green, and nautical items. When I first saw the items featured in this cute store, I was instantly transported to one of my favorite places to relax – the ocean. Allow me to introduce you all to Grayson Saige.

Grayson Saige owner Carlene makes some truly unique gift and home decorating items. She takes items such as star fish, and gives them a whole new look. Take a look at these Royal Purple Glitter Starfish:
How fun are these? Definitely not your typical bland sand-colored starfish, that’s for sure!

Check out the craftsmanship in this piece, the Polkadot Crayfish:This item is truly unique and would be stunning in any nautical-themed room!

Carlene makes quite a few different “friendship” items, which she describes down below. Here is one such item, the Chocolate and White Friendship Shell:

For those of you that are more preppy than nautical, Carlene also makes 8 inch hanging stars designed using Lilly Pulitzer fabric.

I love the look of this star and can definitely picture it hanging on my wall. This particular one is the Ocean Life Lilly P. Star.

In addition to the items above, Carlene also designs stationery, and even offers a few jewelry pieces!

Carlene was fantabulous and took a few minutes to answer questions for FanFru readers. (Plus, she offered a 10% off discount code, which you’ll find at the very bottom of the interview!)

1. When did you first start designing preppy and nautical gifts and accessories?
My fashion and design sense has been decidedly classic & preppy since high school; I was known for consistently wearing sweaters and carrying a tote bag. My personal style has really manifested itself in Grayson Saige.

I decided to start the boutique in March of 2009. I sat down one night in my dorm and just started sketching with some colorful markers and the fantastic support of my boyfriend. The hardest thing to come up with was the name since it’s a summary of your whole idea in a few words. Grayson Saige comes from the middle names of my two siblings: classic names, and very dear to my heart.

2. From where do you draw your inspiration?
The ocean, with out a doubt. The color palate and textures within coral reefs is amazing. One of my favorite places is St. Thomas in the USVI. The bright colors and patterns of the island really hold fond memories for me. When I transpose those ideas into a product I take the time to consider what I would love to see in my own home. Even when I package a product to be shipped, I wrap it in bright tissue paper, ribbon, and shells.

3. Do you have any plans to expand the items offered in your Etsy store?

Absolutely! GS has evolved so much since its opening and will continue to grow. I’m beginning to move more towards a personalized aspect. With anything in the boutique you can request a gratuitous monogrammed tag, even if it’s just for yourself! Each customer is important to me and I want the store to resonate with them.

Additionally, the painted sea life will expand to include horseshoe crabs soon.

4. Is there any product you sell that you would consider a favorite?
My favorite gift item would be from the Friendship collection. Every shell in the ocean is unique and the same goes for each friend we have. The pearl is the epitome of preppy and nautical rolled into one.

My favorite item overall is the pink and white polka dot crayfish. It is a unique and very cheerful piece.


Carlene is generously offering 10% off any order placed by readers of Fantabulously Frugal! Just enter code “Fantabulously Frugal” in the comments section when checking out and after your order is placed, 10% will be refunded back to you. (Etsy rules!)

New Feature: Etsy Monday

Today begins a new feature here at Fantabulously Frugal: Etsy Monday. ¬†Every Monday I am going to feature a new Etsy site and perhaps even provide you all with a discount code for that site. ¬†Consider this a call for sites: If you, or someone you know, owns an Etsy site, please have them contact me about being featured here! ¬†It doesn’t cost them anything and it’s just a free bit of publicity for sellers at a website I LOVE. ¬†(Offering a discount is not necessary, though it would be nice.) ¬†The featured seller will also receive a little bit of prime real estate in my side-bar for the week they are featured.

Without further ado, today’s Etsy Monday site is none other than Etsy itself.
Because I haven’t yet written about Etsy, I decided it should most definitely have its own introductory post.
In my opinion, Etsy is one of the best new-ish websites on the internet.  Etsy is composed of shops set up by individual sellers.  There are a seemingly endless number of shops selling pretty much anything under the sun.  (Seriously. Anything.)  
The three things I love most about Etsy: 
  • Because you are buying direct from a seller, prices are lower than they would be if you bought the same or similar items from a retail outlet. ¬†(I heart saving money!)
  • As the items are homemade, the money you spend on your item is supporting the arts and artists, something I personally think isn’t taken seriously enough.
  • You can develop a relationship with the seller and you know exactly where you are getting your item from. ¬†Almost all of the Etsy sellers I’ve worked with have been exceedingly kind and I normally receive my items super quick.
One of my favorite overall features on the site are the Gift Guides, which are updated constantly.  The Gift Guides help you find a gift for a man, or a woman, or maybe a new mom or a baby, or even someone that is concerned about the slow foods movement!  I found the Gift Guides to be an invaluable resource this past Christmas, and almost everyone on my list received a homemade item!  
And, I should add this – I haven’t done it myself but setting up an Etsy shop seems like a fairly simple process. ¬†So if you have an artistic talent to offer the world, why not sign yourself up?
If you have not yet checked out Etsy, I implore you to do so.  I think know you will love it!  

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