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Etsy Monday: Wild Honey Pie Vintage

I often think I was born in the wrong decade. Seriously. I have an obsessive love of music from the 80s, I heart the fashion of the 40s, and I honestly think that I am a hippie trapped in the 21st century. I think this may explain why I am so drawn to any and everything vintage.

If you too love vintage, then you will be so stoked for today’s featured Etsy shop, Wild Honey Pie Vintage. The shop’s owner, Julia, is just as sweet as pie. 🙂 I mean that. Every Monday morning at a church in Austin, TX, “volunteers set up a temporary boutique filled with donated clothes in the basement of a church in downtown Austin. They provide breakfast and the opportunity to shop with a volunteer to 40 homeless and home-insecure women.” Julia oftens attends this event and has since made the decision that every purchase goes towards helping these women. You know I love a good cause!

Julia says her shop provides women with the opportunity to blend fantasy with reality. This sounds like my cup of tea. I know once you see her items you will be smitten as well.

Wlid Honey Pie Vintage

1970s clutch

FYI folks, I have a birthday coming up in two weeks, should anyone feel like sending me this clutch. 🙂 I love love love it. It has an inner-suede lining and a removable strap. Swoon.

Wild Honey Pie Vintage

1960s Navy Wool Pencil Skirt

This skirt is fierce. I’m obsessed with navy blue as of lately, so I totally need this. And the pocket! Eeee! I love pockets.

Here are the details: waist: 26in; hips: 38in; length: 26in; condition: excellent.

WIld Honey Pie Vintage

1960s Blossoming Rose earrings

These pale pink rose clip-on earrings have a cluster of faux pearls in the center. They are too cute for words. And on sale! Love!

Make sure you check out Julia’s accessories, as they are all on sale from now until Friday! That’s an awesome deal for some awesome finds for jewerly, hats, shoes and belts, and purses and handbags. Also, Julia was kind enough to answer some questions, enjoy!

1. Where do you find the pieces in your collection?

Welllll..isn’t that always the mystery?? Hahaha. About half of my inventory comes from wholesalers with whom I have developed relationships with. And the other half is eeked out of many many hours of blood sweat and tears pouring through thrift store racks, garage sales and estate sales.

2. What has been your favorite find so far?

Oh man…a favorite find? Yikes! That’s a toughie. Probably this amazing green dress from the late 50’s early 60’s. It’s an exquisitely hand-made kelly green silk ballgown with a watteau-style train. I saw it in a pile somewhere and snatched that thing up and my heart started pounding it was just so gorgeous. I JUST yesterday finally got it photographed and it should be up in the store tonight! It’s truly a gem, and of course it fits like it was made for me!

3. What advice would you give to someone who knows nothing about vintage, such as what to look for, etc.?

So..if you’re just starting out knowing nothing about vintage I would say start out by:
– getting to know your body’s proportions. What shape are you? Hourglass? Pear-shaped? Long and lanky? Know your bust waist and hip measurements by heart as well as from the hollow of your neck to the navel. Vintage clothes are..simply put…not made like modern ones at all. They are meant to fit very specifically. (Which is what makes them look so amazing!)
-then go watch a bunch of movies, that’s right…classic movies like Philadelphia Story, High Society, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, look at what the leading ladies are wearing and see what sort of style makes you catch your breath. Then google that time period of style and just start seeking it out in thrift stores and vintage stores.
-TRY TRY TRY things on. Only then will you start to get a sense of what works for your body. And experiment around with decades, the 40’s is very different from the 60’s
– ask questions and don’t be afraid to sound like you don’t know anything. Vintage peeps are 99% of the time DYING to share their knowledge with someone.
– And above all, don’t worry about how old it is or who designed it or how strange it might be compared to today’s trends…does it FIT you and does it make you FEEL special? That’s all that matters.

4. What is your favorite decade?

Favorite decade?? Yikes..that’s like asking a favorite child. I love different things about different decades. The detail and styling of the 20’s and 30’s, the wonderful cuts of 40’s dresses, the amazing fabrics of the 60’s. I love it all. But if I HAD to choose one, I would say late 40’s early 50’s with the advent of Dior’s “New Look”. Being short with a small waist and a sizable bust and booty, it’s those styles that really look best on me and makes me feel super feminine and put-together.

5. Who is your style inspiration?

My style inspiration comes from EVERYwhere. : ) But when I feel stuck in a rut I run to and look at all the newest stuff coming down the runway, especially the haute couture runways. Nine times out of ten I will recognize a vintage inspiration behind a modern look and it sets me off. I love how fashion just constantly changes, mixes and matches and recycles itself. And I am just consistently gobsmacked at the amazing things my fellow Vintage sellers rustle up. I have made many friends who share this passion and they are always pushing me to style better, think more creatively, make better photos and work harder.

Thanks so much Julia!

Etsy Monday: The Bead Girl

As many of you have come to realize, I love jewelry and any and everything recycled. So, with that being said, I had to feature today’s Etsy shop, the Bead Girl. The shop’s owner, Lisa, creates each piece using “100% recycled and eco friendly silver, as well as copper, gold and gemstones to create wearable pieces of art jewelry.” Trust me, she makes some wonderful pieces of art!

The Bead Girl

Leather Wrap Bracelet

Leather is totally in this season, if I do say so myself. And I love the beads on this bracelet and the inspirational message of “enough.” Sometimes I need little reminders that I am strong enough, smart enough, etc. Not only is this bracelet stylish, but it is full of positive encouragement. That is a huge bonus! And, if you’d like another saying, that isn’t a problem at all! Lisa is happy to accommodate. Just let her know what you’d like your bracelet to say. I’m sure whatever you choose it will be wonderful.

The Bead Girl

 Copper Butterfly Necklace

I love  the twist on this necklace. I love butterflies, but sometimes I worry if they look too childish on me. This, however, is a grown-up way to still show off your love of butterflies while adding an awesome piece of jewelry to your wardrobe. LOVE. This listing is for the chain and pendant. However, if you are just interested in the pendant, that is totally possible too!

The Bead Girl

Personalized Hand Stamped Necklace

I keep seeing hand stamped jewelry all over the place. I love it every time I see it. This necklace would be the perfect gift for mom or grandma. I know mine would love this! Or even a mom to be!

Lisa was kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

*UPDATE: Lisa is offering 15% off your order! Just use the coupon code FANTABFRUGAL15.

1. What is your favorite piece in your collection?

I think I just made my favorite ring last night!

2. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere! Colors. Nature. Other pieces of art. Actually, the stones “speak” to me too. 🙂 True story!

3. What was the first piece of jewelry you ever created?

Earrings. I wanted to learn to do those fancy wire wrapped endings!

4. What has been your most difficult piece to make?

Stone setting is always stressful. Getting the bezels just right. then having the stone fit the setting perfectly. Always makes me uptight…yet I love it!

5. What is your favorite material to work with? (ie. silver, leather, beads, etc).

I love working with silver sheet. I love the transformation either through sawing, hammering or firing. so many options out of something so simple!

Thanks Lisa!

Etsy Monday: RoseBud Lips

Today’s featured Etsy shop takes my breath away. RoseBud Lips creates “wearable artwork.” And let me tell you folks, Lauren’s pieces are simply a work of art!

I have become obsessed with weddings while planning my own last June. However, I have a confession to make. I still look at wedding sites and wedding items. I just can’t get enough! Oh, and if weddings aren’t your thing, don’t worry! I totally think these items are for anybody!

So of course I fell in love with these items….

RoseBud Lips

Tiffany Blue Bridal Bouquet

I mean seriously, do I even need to tell you how divine this is?! I almost wish I had gone this route for my bouquet. My flowers were great, but now they are dried and not as vibrant. This though, totally makes me jump for joy. LOVE. And I should note, just because this is Tiffany blue, doesn’t mean that is the only color it comes in. As Lauren says, “all colors available.” This bouquet is made of 28 silk roses with rhinestones in the centers. Just a touch of bling that every bride deserves!

RoseBud Lips

Wedding Garter Set

I love that this set includes a throw away garter. I was not a happy camper that we threw mine away. Poor planning Megan! If you are planning on ordering this, make sure you let Lauren know your thigh measurement and wedding date. She’ll take it from there! Then you can wear this little beauty proudly.

RoseBud Lips

Sabrina Terese Hair Clip or Brooch

I love the versatility of this piece- it can be worn as a brooch or a hair clip! Just let Lauren know how you would like it. I love hair accessories, but I’m fairly certain I’d order this as a brooch. I think it would be pretty fierce!

Lauren was kind enough to answer some questions, enjoy!

1. How did you choose your shop name?

When I was born my mom said that I had perfect rosebud lips. I started this company in 2009 after my mom passed away. She was my inspiration in starting my own company, so I thought it was fitting 🙂 Plus, I happen to make roses!

2. What was the first item you made?

The first item was a rainbow rosebud necklace with all of the colors from the rainbow.

3. What is your favorite item in your shop?

My favorite item has to be my bridal bouquets. They are so fun, and last a lifetime, perfect to pass down to a daughter.

4. Do you take custom orders?

Yes, I am happy to make pretty much anything in any colour 🙂

5. Do you do bulk orders (such as for bridal parties, etc.)?

Yes, I take bulk orders and discount them significantly 🙂

I hope you all love Lauren’s shop as much as I do! Happy drooling!

Etsy Monday: Paper Sparrow

Anyone who knows me knows I love cats. Heck, I AM the crazy cat lady. So, of course I had to feature a cat lover (and New Yorker) this week! Andrea is the mastermind behind Paper Sparrow. She has an adorable cat named Skittles and loves drawing. So fun!

Here are some of my faves!

Paper Sparrow

Glasses Cat Ring

Not only is this item totes adorable, but it’s also on sale. Bonus! I think this would sure to be a statement piece. LOVE.

Paper Sparrow

Giraffes in love mirror

I don’t know about you, but for me this pocket mirror would bring a smile to my face each time I use it. How cute! And if giraffes aren’t your thing, no worries! The last photo shows all the animals that the mirror comes in. I totally dig the narwhal too!

Paper Sparrow

Spring Deer Print

This 5X7 print comes with a border, so it’s all ready for you to pop in a frame. I love the colors of this print. I also miss spring. 🙁 I am not a fan of the cold, I’ll just let you all know now.

I can tell you from personal experience that this Etsy vendor is so easy to work with! I couldn’t be happier with my items! (I got the cat in glasses pillow and some mirrors). The shipping was super quick and everything was packaged nicely.

I hope you all love Paper Sparrow as much as I do! Cat lovers unite! 😉

Etsy Monday: Get Banded

You all know I love me some headbands. 🙂 So of course I had to feature today’s shop, Get Banded- Headbands by Emily. Emily makes darling headbands right out of her San Diego home. Since I love San Diego and headbands, this was a match made in heaven.

Get Banded

Burgandy band with silver sequin bow

This headband is my absolute favorite! I love the color combination of burgandy and silver, but if you don’t, no sweat! Emily can make the headband in any color of your choice. I love accomodating sellers.

Get Banded

Red Cameo headband

I love the vintage twist of this headband. I have always held cameos near to my heart. My Grandmother always wore one around her neck. I love the idea of incorporating it onto a headband. Brilliant!

Get Banded

Baltimore Ravens headband

My husband said, and I quote, “you have to feature this one.” Can you tell his favorite football team?! Emily also makes headbands to represent your favorite MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAA sports teams! Who says you can’t add a touch of feminity to a jersey?!

And, in true Etsy Monday fashion, Emily was kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

1. What made you want to start an Etsy shop?

I had started making headbands for fun, I love crafts and saw a tutorial on making headbands from a friend. I had just gotten home from College for the Summer and I was SO BORED. I went out and bought the stuff I needed and just sat on my couch and made tons. Whenever I wore them, people would ask me about them where they could get them. I decided that I was going to start to sell them, not necessarily for a profit, but at least to make my money back. I was watching the news one morning and saw a whole thing about Etsy. I had never heard of it before, and immediately jumped on it. After that it was love. Etsy has been amazing and has enabled me to not only get the word out about my headbands, but actually turn it into a profitable business.

2. What is your favorite item in your shop?

It is so hard to pick a favorite because they are all so personal to me. I love anything with a cameo or applique. I also love my Hot Pink and Black band with Silver Pearled Bow. That one looks really cute on!

3. What is your bestseller?

My bestsellers have sort of changed over the years. My top 3 would be Cameo on Red Thin Band, Purple Scroll Applique on Black Band, and recently it is all of the sports/school ones.

4. What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is green.

5. How fast is your turnaround time once someone orders a headband?

The turnaround on my headband varies from 2 days to a week. Because I make every headband to order, sometimes I might not have an applique or charm or ribbon color in stock. So when that happens, I have to order it/go find it at a store before I can make it. That usually doesn’t take longer than a week. But I promise it is worth the wait!

Thanks Emily!

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