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The Look for Less: Chloé Scalloped Ballet Flats

The Look for Less: Chloe Scalloped Ballet Flats

This morning Megan discussed how ballet flats are a maternity must have over at Shop Mama Daily and she included these beautiful Boden Ballet Flats in her post. I saw them and was immediately reminded of the Chloé Scalloped Ballet Flats that I have been eyeing for months but will never purchase.

The Chloé Scalloped Ballet Flats are gorgeous but costly at $475. The Boden Ballet Flats provide a fantastic look for less as they’re nearly identical (and multiple colors are available as with the Chloé version) and the $78 price tag is much friendlier on the wallet!

The Look for Less: Zebra Print Coat

The Look for Less: Zebra Print Coat

If adding a little bit of zebra to your fall wardrobe is one of your priorities, then we’ve found a fab deal at Talbots of all places!

The image above on the left is the new BB Dakota Moselle Zebra Coat that costs $145 at Shopbop.

We found a nearly identical jacket at Talbots for a fraction of the price! The Long Zebra Print Coat originally cost $189, but it’s now on sale for just $47.99!

These coats are nearly identical, but we recommend grabbing the one that costs nearly $100 less!

The Look for Less: Camouflage Pumps

Camouflage Pumps


I’ve been a little surprised by one of the latest footwear trends I’ve seen popping up: camouflage pumps. I guess my surprise stems mainly from camo not seeming particularly summery to me, but then again, what do I know?

If you really want a pair of high-end camouflage pumps, there’s these Camo Valentino Pumps for just $1,175.

The high price of those makes the Manolo Blahnik Camo Pumps (pictured above) look downright cheap by comparison, at $695. (These shoes are made-to-order so will take 6-8 weeks to arrive at your door… in which case, I guess they really are fall shoes!)

If you want to get in on this trend but can’t spend hundreds on a trendy pair of shoes, the Tahari Dottie Pump is a great look for less at just $66.99 at

If I had to guess, I’d say we’re going to see quite an influx of camo pumps over the coming weeks!

The Look for Less: Tan Leather Flip Flops

The Look for Less: Tan Leather Flip Flops

Tan leather flip flops are popping up everywhere, and one of the biggest brands in the business right now is TKEES. I recently bought a pair for myself and I love them! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking a hike in them or anything, but for regular wear they’re pretty comfortable!

The idea behind TKEES is that they are meant to match your skin tone, which will allegedly “disappear on the foot and elongate your legs.” Since I need all the help I can get, I couldn’t resist the idea of having the appearance of longer legs. (I believe it’s the same idea behind why nude pumps are so flattering on most women.)

TKEES leather flip flops come in an assortment of colors (or foundations) so that you can best match your skin tone. The only downside is that the flip flops cost upwards of $50 per pair.

If you’re in the market for a pair of tan leather flip flops for less, check out the tan leather flip flops at Gap, which cost $24.95. They’re nearly identical to the TKEES! Gap doesn’t have as many skin tone colored flip flops as TKEES does, but they do have quite a few colorful styles!

Here are a few more pairs that will help you get this look for less:

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The Look for Less: Tory Burch Tree Green Reva Ballet Flat

Tory Burch suede REVA BALLET FLAT

Tory Burch has become the queen when it comes to ballet flats. Her iconic shoes are gorgeous … and pricey. Even worse is the fact that they rarely go on sale. The Tree Green & Gold Suede Reva above sells for a whopping $235.


City Classified Quant Kelly Green Medallion Ballet Flats

LuLu*s City Classified Quant Kelly Green Medallion Ballet Flats are a brighter inspired-by version of Tory’s shoe that you’ll be able to wear throughout the spring and summer. The best part? They cost just $18!

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