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Decisions, Decisions: Try on 5 Pairs of Warby Parker Frames for 5 Days for Free

Warby Parker Trial

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was heading back to the eye doctor, and oy did I ever need that visit. My prescription went up quite a bit, which prompted the eye doctor to say, “I’m guessing you are still sitting at a computer 80 hours per week because you just keep getting more farsighted.” Yay?

I walked out of the eye doctor with new contacts, but our vision insurance apparently only covers contacts or glasses, so I’m on my own for finding some affordable glasses, which means I immediately went to my old standby, Warby Parker.

I discovered Warby Parker a couple of years ago and have been a fan of the site ever since. Yes, there are a bunch of other sites now that offer trendy and affordable glasses online, but the thing that keeps me going back to Warby Parker is their free at-home try-on service. Warby Parker will ship you five pairs of frames to try on in the comfort of your own home for five days for free. (Of course you’ll have to pay for them if you fail to return the frames.) It’s a fun and easy way to try out some new frames and get a better sense for how they’ll look on your face than by just guessing or using one of the computerized frame selectors.

Thank goodness for the at-home try on service too, because at least one of those frames makes me look a little crazy! Here’s what I’m wearing above (clockwise from the top left):

Winston from Warby Parker

Winston Revolver in Black

Ripley in Whiskey Tortoise

Ripley in Whiskey Tortoise

Kimball in Marzipan Tortoise

Kimball in Marzipan Tortoise

Winston Revolver in Lunar Fade

Winston Revolver in Lunar Fade

The Warby Parker Home Try-On Program includes five pairs of glasses, and while I did receive five pairs there was a goof with my order and they sent two pairs of the Ripley frames instead of the Percey in Charcoal Fade that I ordered. Oh well. I think I may actually have the Percey frames already (of course they’re in the wrong prescription now).

Out of these frames, the top two are my favorites. I went into this entire process *knowing* I was going to get the Winston Revolver in Black because I’d tried them on last year and have been thinking about them ever since, but I was really surprised with how much I like the Ripley in Whiskey Tortoise. While I like crazy glasses, the Kimball in Marzipan Tortoise is definitely out.

I’m going to mail my frames back today, but I’ve got some thinking to do. Should I get the Winston Revolver or the Ripley, or should I try on five different sets of frames? Decisions, decisions!

Once I actually decide on a pair, single vision prescription lenses, frames included, from Warby Parker cost $95. Warby Parker accepts health savings plans to pay for glasses, and they will also send itemized receipts if you plan on requesting a refund from your insurance company. I have had 4-5 pairs of glasses from Warby Parker over the years and they’ve all held up really well while also being quite stylish. (And, they make it more than possible for me to stare at a computer for hours on end.)

If you haven’t given Warby Parker a try, I highly recommend checking out their free try-on service. I don’t know what it is, but I really enjoy shopping for glasses through this site!

2 of my Favorite Things: Superga and Jord Watches

2 of My Favorite Things: Superga Sneakers & Jord Watch

If you were to see me around this summer (and not at an event requiring fancy attire), there’s a good chance I would be sporting two of my favorite new finds: Superga sneakers and a Jord Watch.

Here’s what’s funny about these two things: I normally don’t wear a watch or sneakers. And yet, somehow, I have become completely smitten with both of these things and now not only am I wearing these items constantly, but I also cannot recommend them more!

I purchased the bright green Superga sneakers sometime last year from a sample sale site because The Man Repeller had posted about loving them and I had some credits to use. (You may also recall that I picked up a navy pair at the Outlet in Kentucky!) True story: I didn’t pull these sneakers out of the box until the day we left for vacation. I looked at them and thought they’d be perfect for walking and didn’t give it a second thought. LUCKILY they didn’t need to be worn in or anything as they fit perfectly right out of the box. We’re talking no blisters, incredible arch support, and a great tread on the bottom of the shoe that actually allowed me to wear them hiking. (Hello, non-outdoorsy person here.) Also, they’re cute! I like bright footwear and these fit the bill perfectly.

Normally, between the months of May and September I live in flip flops, but this year I cannot stop wearing these Superga sneakers. I have just never had a sneaker that I have felt this strongly about! There is no doubt in my mind that this is a shoe I will continue to repurchase. There are so many colors and patterns available that I will likely be purchasing another pair long before I actually need them.

Usually, you’re even less likely to catch me wearing a watch than you are to catch me wearing sneakers, but I am smitten with my Jord Ely Watch! It was particularly wonderful when we were in Costa Rica and I wasn’t actually dragging my phone (my de facto watch) around with me everywhere. I have been a big fan of wood watches and sunglasses ever since wood items became a “thing,” but this is the first item I’ve owned and now I want everything in wood.

The reason I love this watch so much is that it is SO light. I normally don’t like anything on my wrist (aside from my Fitbit, which I also left at home when we were on vacation), so the fact that I can wear this watch regularly and forget that it’s even on says a lot. Plus, it just looks cool. I love that the watch face is composed of the same wood as the rest of the watch body. It just looks really sharp!

What are your favorite things this summer?

Revisiting the Romper: 22 Cute Styles for Summer

I try to write about most fashion trends and where to shop for those trends (usually for less), but I’ve got to tell you that the romper is one trend I was unable to get behind the past couple of years, for many reasons. The main reason is that most rompers that were on the market were oddly cut and resulted in a design that was high waisted and placed an odd emphasis on one’s crotch area. Add to that the difficulty of using a public restroom while in a romper and these things just weren’t for me.

That said, rompers don’t seem to be going out of style but the ones that I’m seeing this year are, dare I say, CUTE? (You’re probably rolling your eyes if you already thought rompers were cute. I don’t blame you.)

Many of the romper styles I’m seeing have retooled the proportions a bit so quite a few rompers look more like dresses (or culottes with an attached top). If they don’t look like dresses, then the length of the short piece has been lengthened a bit, which is taking some of the emphasis off the crotch area. Some rompers are even fancy enough that they can be worn to formal gatherings! (Though I’m still not sure how I feel about the wedding romper that J.Crew is selling.)

Should I decide to purchase a romper this summer, these are the styles that would be tops on my list:

Rompers that Look Like Dresses

rompers that look like dresses

Crepe Skort Playsuit – $80 at Miss Selfridge // Give it a Go Romper – $54.99 at ModCloth // 5/48 Leopard-Print Short Jumpsuit – $79.99 at Saks Off 5th // Apron Romper – $148 at Free People

Black and White Rompers

Black and White Rompers

ABS by Allen Schwartz Eyelet Top Romper (plus size) – $228 at Nordstrom // Black and White Wrap Lace Playsuit – $44 at Dorothy Perkins // Whit Palm Romper – $448 at Madewell // Romeo & Juliet Couture Colorblock Jumpsuit – $74.99 at Saks Off 5th

Printed Rompers

printed rompers
Holiday Poppy Silk Playsuit – $178 at French Connection // Skort Playsuit in Animal Print – $47.64 at ASOS // Celeste Silk Jersey Wrap Romper – $385 at Diane von Furstenberg // Retro Polka Dot Romper – $22.80 at Forever21 // Polka Dot Portofino Romper – $55.93 at Express


Monochromatic Rompers

monochromatic rompers

Kardashian Kollection Lace Black Romper – $52.99 at Sears // Gabriella Rocha Tyran Romper – $50.99 at // Mina Jumpsuit – $89.40 at BCBGMAXAZRIA // Love Lace Playsuit with Plunge Neck– $72.41 at ASOS // Worlds Away Lace Romper – $62 at Threadsence

Denim Rompers

Denim Rompers
Joe’s Jeans Sun Faded Romper – $248 at Bloomingdale’s // Tencel Romper – $178 at True Religion // French Connection Morganna Playsuit – $131.47 at ASOS // Spoon Denim Romper – $39.90 at Alloy

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a (very) small commission if you click a link and purchase something.

Patterned Shorts for Summer Under $50

Colorful Shorts for summer under $50


I am such a whiner. For months on end I complained about the snow and cold that seemed to be never-ending, and now that the weather is *finally* nice, I find myself whining about the heat. It’s 83 degrees and crazy humid today!

I haven’t given much thought to my summer wardrobe (beyond the shoes, of course!), so after I walked the dogs this morning I started thinking about picking up a couple of new pairs of shorts. We already talked about how hot culottes are this summer, and here are some fun patterned shorts under $50 that scream “yay, sunny days are here to stay!”

1. Pink Floral Short – $59.50 at J.Crew (save 25% with code “SOGOOD” and pay just $44.63)

2. Camo Boyfriend Shorts – $22.99 at Gap (save an extra 35% with code “DEALFORU” and pay just $14.94)

3. Striped Knit Riviera Shorts – $49.50 at LOFT

4. Hawaiian Coral Soft Short – $19.99 at Target

5. Botanical Bird Print Shorts – $44.50 at J.Crew Factory (save an extra 30% with code “SALE30” and pay just $31.15)

6. Anchor Shorts – $49.50 at J.Crew Factory (save an extra 30% with code “SALE30” and pay just $34.65)

7. Ikat Shorts – $42.50 at Nordstrom

8. Multi-Fruit Chino Shorts – $45 at Lands’ End

9. Pink Stripe Printed Shorts – $22.94 at Old Navy

10. (Plus) Black Tie-Dye Shorts – $38.50 at Torrid


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a (very) small commission if you click a link and purchase something.

New Bargain-Priced J.Crew Store in the Works: J.Crew Mercantile


Racked and multiple other online sources (including The Wall Street Journal, which I can’t access – darn subscription news outlets!) are reporting that J.Crew will soon be launching a lower-priced store, J.Crew Mercantile. Apparently they’re likening this new store to when Gap brands launched Old Navy as a cheaper option for Gap shoppers in the 90s.

The pricing at J.Crew Mercantile will be on par with the prices at J.Crew Factory, but it will be a whole separate line of items.

Part of the impetus for the new line is that J.Crew is apparently tired of having to issue sales and coupons to lure in shoppers, so they are hoping that the discount shoppers will instead flee to J.Crew Mercantile and J.Crew’s pricing can go back to “normal.”

I’ll be curious to see how this all plays out, especially since J.Crew Factory already exists and is already a separate J.Crew line. Will the styles at J.Crew Mercantile be similar, or will they go in a different direction? I wonder how sales will be if/when J.Crew stops offering sales and discounts and the bargain shoppers head to J.Crew Mercantile — are there more J.Crew bargain shoppers or full-priced shoppers out there?

Only time will tell, I suppose!

If you had to choose between J.Crew, J.Crew Factory or the just-announced J.Crew Mercantile, where would you shop?

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