Sign up for the SELF Challenge, get FREE Aveda

Today, March 10th and tomorrow, March 11th, sign up for the 2009 SELF Challenge and receive the following FREE:

Sign up on March 10 or 11 and we’ll reward you with an Aveda package: a coupon for a store visit that includes a free neck and shoulder massage and other pampering treatments, as well as a product sample. In the SELF Challenge, your body gets improved and soothed!

CLICK HERE to sign up for the challenge.

This seems like a pretty win-win situation – sign up to get in shape, get free Aveda gifts.

I love it!

FREE socks at Lucy

This is a good deal if you have a Lucy near you! Lucy makes cute moderately-priced high-quality workout clothing for women. Click on THIS LINK and you will find a coupon good for 2 free pairs of training socks at Lucy (a $14 value!). And if you sign up for their email list they will send you a coupon for $20 off an $80 order. Not bad at all!

2 FREE Nights in London

British Airways usually has some seriously great deals this time of year, and this year is no different. In fact, this year might be better.

Depending on where you live (here’s lookin’ at you, NYC residents), you can fly to London for the ridiculously low price of $149 each way. To sweeten the deal, British Airways will throw in two free nights at one of 8 (mainly 3 and 4 star) hotels, all of which are also offering free breakfast.

If you were contemplating a jaunt to Europe, this may be a great opportunity. Flights are fairly inexpensive during these coming spring months from other parts of the country as well. Bostonians will pay $230 each way, residents of the D.C. area will pay $220 each way, L.A. residents will pay $297 each way, and Chicagoans will pay $228. Not bad at all!

CLICK HERE for full details. Hurry – travel must be booked no later than March 13, 2009, and I’m sure these flights are going to fill up super fast.

FREE resume printing at FedEx Office – March 10

Tomorrow, March 10, FedEx Office is hosting “FedEx Office Free Resume Printing Day,” whereby anyone who stops by will be able to get 25 of their resumes printed for free.

For more information, click HERE.

FREE Sample: Sun Crystals All-Natural Sweetener

I refused to post about this until I had a second to check this out for myself. Thanks to the book Skinny Bitch, I refuse to willingly add artificial sweeteners to anything I eat. My one concession is Diet Coke. Sun Crystals, though, are an all-natural, low-calorie sweetener made by combining stevia plants with cane sugar.

Click HERE to sign up to receive a free sample of Stevia. If you like it, you can also access a $1.50 coupon for a future purchase via this link.

If anyone has tried Sun Crystals, do tell, how is it?

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